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Synagogues and temples in Jesus' life

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This article contains an interview with Jordan J Ryan, author of: The Role of the Synagogue in the Aims of Jesus. It caught my attention because statistics show that people are very interested in the topic of Jesus in the synagogue. Discovering this fact awhile ago led us to create a little study of our own about Jesus and the synagogue from the teachings of The Urantia Book. We added temples to our study as well. We'll blog a little about this below, but here is an opening quote from the author from the interview. Maybe you'll want to read the book yourself. It is amazing how intensive is the research being done in this area. It should be fascinating reading to anyone who wants to know more about Jesus and his life.

From the author: "I've been interested in understanding Jesus in light of his Jewish context from the beginning of my studies as an undergraduate. Not only did it open up my eyes to the myriad of issues pertaining to Jewish-Christian relations, but it also opened up new avenues for interpretation and understanding of who Jesus was, and of what he taught and did. When I read through the canonical Gospels, I couldn't help but notice how prominent synagogues were in their narrative of Jesus' life and ministry. I was particularly struck by the fact that both the synoptic Gospels and John identify the synagogue as the primary locus Jesus' activities during his ministry."

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Jesus and the Synagogue

The book reviewed above references only the Gospel narratives; of course, that is no surprise, but did you know that The Urantia Book story of the life and teachings of Jesus far surpasses the Gospel narratives in every way? And this extends to the stories of Jesus in the synagogues in which he was schooled as a child and in the temples and synagogues in which he preached and taught throughout his ministry. Many of these stories will be brand-new to you, as they are not included in the Bible; others may be more familiar, as many Urantia Book accounts of Jesus' later life parallel the Bible.

Here is the introduction to our study on Jesus in the Synagogue:

Throughout the life of Jesus, the temple and the synagogue both played important roles. Jesus was first presented in the Jerusalem temple soon after his birth, and he received his education through the synagogue as a young boy and into his adolescence.

In his early ministry, Jesus made himself and his mission known to his countrymen at temple and synagogue venues throughout Palestine and Galilee. Towards the end of his public ministry, it became a courageous - and dangerous - enterprise for Jesus, as more than once, he was banned from speaking to the populace in the synagogues and temples by the authorities who meant him harm. His appearances at the Jerusalem temple during the last week of his life are particularly dramatic, as the authorities plot to apprehend him, but dare not.

This study will pinpoint each instance of Jesus' appearance in either a temple or a synagogue.

From Jesus' earliest days, up until the last week of his amazing life, the synagogue and/or the temple was a feature of the Master's life. In our study, you'll read about all of these instances, and more. Our study might make a nice reference if you read Mr Ryan's book - or vice versa.

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