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The Red Tribes Unite Once Again

American Indian peoples are in the news; as any Urantia Book reader knows, this mighty red race merits a great deal of attention in the revelation. So, when this article came across our view: DNA Testing Proves Native American Genealogy To Be Among the Most Unique in the World by Manataka American Indian Council, it seemed a very timely subject for a blog (see below.)

I do recommend reading this very good article. It is contained in the American Indian Council page. Here are just a few appetizers.

"For two decades, researchers have been using a growing volume of genetic data to debate whether ancestors of Native Americans emigrated to the New World in one wave or successive waves, or from one ancestral Asian population or a number of different populations.

"Now, after painstakingly comparing DNA samples from people in dozens of modern-day Native American and Eurasian groups, an international team of scientists thinks it can put the matter to rest: virtually without exception, the new evidence supports the single ancestral population theory.

" 'Our work provides strong evidence that, in general, Native Americans are more closely related to each other than to any other existing Asian populations, except those that live at the very edge of the Bering Strait,' said Kari Britt Schroeder, a lecturer at the University of California, Davis, and the first author on the paper describing the study.

" 'While earlier studies have already supported this conclusion, what's different about our work is that it provides the first solid data that simply cannot be reconciled with multiple ancestral populations,' said Schroeder, who was a Ph.D. student in anthropology at the university when she did the research."

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Is the Red race unique?

Once again, we are heartened and encouraged when we see modern science corroborate the information that we see in The Urantia Book. In this case the origins of the American Indian is being seen as having a single origin - a "single ancestral population."

In the Urantia Book, we are taught many things about mankind - his origins, his evolution, and the factors that have come to bear on the evolution of races here on earth. We are taught that there are six races that appear on normal planets, and they follow the colors of the light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. They usually come over a period of time on a normal world; here on earth, they came in one generation - in one family.

Again, this is a part of The Urantia Book that is teaching mankind his history; in this case, the history of the different races on this world. Such information will be used at some point in the next thousand years of the book's mission to really tackle - with understanding and compassion - the issue of race blending in our world.

Here's what we learn about the red race in The Urantia Book

64:6.3 The red man. These peoples were remarkable specimens of the human race, in many ways superior to Andon and Fonta. They were a most intelligent group and were the first of the Sangik children to develop a tribal civilization and government. They were always monogamous; even their mixed descendants seldom practiced plural mating.
In later times they had serious and prolonged trouble with their yellow brethren in Asia. They were aided by their early invention of the bow and arrow, but they had unfortunately inherited much of the tendency of their ancestors to fight among themselves, and this so weakened them that the yellow tribes were able to drive them off the Asiatic continent.
About eighty-five thousand years ago the comparatively pure remnants of the red race went en masse across to North America, and shortly thereafter the Bering land isthmus sank, thus isolating them. No red man ever returned to Asia. But throughout Siberia, China, central Asia, India, and Europe they left behind much of their stock blended with the other colored races.
When the red man crossed over into America, he brought along much of the teachings and traditions of his early origin. His immediate ancestors had been in touch with the later activities of the world headquarters of the Planetary Prince. But in a short time after reaching the Americas, the red men began to lose sight of these teachings, and there occurred a great decline in intellectual and spiritual culture. Very soon these people again fell to fighting so fiercely among themselves that it appeared that these tribal wars would result in the speedy extinction of this remnant of the comparatively pure red race.
Because of this great retrogression the red men seemed doomed when, about sixty-five thousand years ago, Onamonalonton appeared as their leader and spiritual deliverer. He brought temporary peace among the American red men and revived their worship of the "Great Spirit." Onamonalonton lived to be ninety-six years of age and maintained his headquarters among the great redwood trees of California. Many of his later descendants have come down to modern times among the Blackfoot Indians.
As time passed, the teachings of Onamonalonton became hazy traditions. Internecine wars were resumed, and never after the days of this great teacher did another leader succeed in bringing universal peace among them. Increasingly the more intelligent strains perished in these tribal struggles; otherwise a great civilization would have been built upon the North American continent by these able and intelligent red men.
After crossing over to America from China, the northern red man never again came in contact with other world influences (except the Eskimo) until he was later discovered by the white man. It was most unfortunate that the red man almost completely missed his opportunity of being upstepped by the admixture of the later Adamic stock. As it was, the red man could not rule the white man, and he would not willingly serve him. In such a circumstance, if the two races do not blend, one or the other is doomed.

In very recent days, we have seen reports of a great gathering of tribes because of their shared protests against the Keystone Pipeline. One can't help but wonder whether there will come a time when this mighty race of red peoples will be able to establish a thriving population again. Their strengths as a people may help lift mankind to a higher plane.

Race History in The Urantia Book

The history of the Urantia races is a very important piece of revealed information in The Urantia Book. Although some readers (or those considering becoming readers) find fault with the information that is given, and mis-characterize these teachings as racist, they are not racist. When read with an open mind and in full context, these teachings are a valuable tool for understanding between peoples and societies in the interests of the common good of all mankind.

Each race has its strengths and its flaws; a thoughtful blending can be highly beneficial for the human race as a whole. As for the simple issue of color ... when finally blended, the human race is destined to be an olive color. But what is important to understand is that in spite of the fact that races are always subject to change the individual's eternal and immortal destiny is always safe, no matter what race they come from.

On normal worlds, blending of the races is informed and fostered by a Materiual Son and Daughter - an Adam and Eve ... but because OUR Adam and Eve defulted in their mission of upstepping the races of mankind, we have had to pretty much go it alone. Along with eventual sharing of their life plasm, Adam and Eve normally stay on the world of their visitation for thousands of years to foster their programs of improvement, but we no longer have that advantage, as their default meant that they would live and die as mortals. And when they reached an old age, they did die and left the earth.

The information we receive in The Urantia Book is just that - information - about how the races evolved and why it has been so difficult - and will continue to be difficult - to produce a stable, mixed-race people that embodies all of the best traits of each race. As it is, there are no more pure-line races in this world; the Red race alone comes the closest (as the above article states) to being pure. One can't help but wonder whether we will ever see the day when this once-mighty race will achieve the noble place that it deserves in humankind's makeup.

Until that day, we pray that one prayer that is always appropriate: "Nevertheless, your will be done."


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