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Photos: Saturn's Glorious Rings Up Close

2012 View of Saturn RingsCredit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has recently resumed the kind of orbits that allow for spectacular views of Saturn's rings

2012 View of Saturn's Rings

2012 View of Saturn's Rings

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further and to page through over 30 stunning photos of Saturn's rings.


From The Urantia Book:

57:6.5 Shooting stars occur in swarms because they are the fragments of larger bodies of matter which have been disrupted by tidal gravity exerted by near-by and still larger space bodies. Saturn's rings are the fragments of a disrupted satellite. One of the moons of Jupiter is now approaching dangerously near the critical zone of tidal disruption and, within a few million years, will either be claimed by the planet or will undergo gravity- tidal disruption. The fifth planet of the solar system of long, long ago traversed an irregular orbit, periodically making closer and closer approach to Jupiter until it entered the critical zone of gravity- tidal disruption, was swiftly fragmentized, and became the present-day cluster of asteroids.

Link to External Source Article

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