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New Hubble Photo: Trillions of Inhabited Planets?

Hubble Telesope colorful image 2014

As time goes on, and with ever-more powerful telescopes, modern science is beginning to corroborate many Urantia Book teachings regarding the structure and makeup of our universe. For the latest news on that front, please see THIS LINK. In this article, astronomers posit the existence of over 10,000 galaxies. Ten years in the making, NASA's Hubble telescope images of 10,000 galaxies has made the discussion about life on other planets a point of scientific, not science fiction, reality.

The Urantia Book was finished in 1934, long before Hubble was even thought of. In it we read:

In the not-distant future, new telescopes will reveal to the wondering gaze of Urantian astronomers no less than 375 million new galaxies in the remote stretches of outer space... ~ The Urantia Book, 12:2.3

So, there are many more galaxies yet to be discovered; the universe is large beyond imagination!

But, what about intelligent life "out there?"

When Jesus incarnated here 2000 years ago, we are told in the teachings that he stood "for both Father and Son to the creatures of ten million inhabited worlds." And that's just in our (relatively) small part of the universe!

The Grand Universe is the present organized and inhabited creation. It consists of the seven superuniverses, with an aggregate evolutionary potential of around seven trillion inhabited planets, not to mention the eternal spheres of the central creation. ~ The Urantia Book, 12:1.13

An author of one of the papers about the universe states:

"Only the Universal Father knows the location and actual number of inhabited worlds in space; he calls them all by name and number. I can give only the approximate number of inhabited or inhabitable planets, for some local universes have more worlds suitable for intelligent life than others. Nor have all projected local universes been organized. Therefore the estimates which I offer are solely for the purpose of affording some idea of the immensity of the material creation."

Click HERE to read more about the immense size of the universe, and the unimaginable numbers of worlds contained in them

It is a thrilling time to witness the slow, but inevitable validation of Urantia Book teachings about the realms of space - the amazing creation in which our small planet (Urantia) has its place.

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Spend some time contemplating the majesty of the starry realms in our Art Gallery...if you like space photography, you'll really enjoy it when it's accompanied by Urantia Book teachings.

Finally, sit back and prepare to be charmed by this lovely video by Gary Tonge, called "Journey Through the Universe," a grand tour through the far reaches of space as described in Urantia Book teachings. As we view it, we can only stand in awe of what the Father has created for us, and many others throughout the universe, beings who Jesus referred to as "other sheep not of this flock...;" no matter who may be out there, we are all beloved children of God.

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