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NASA: Wide range of alien planets may support life

"( Life may be able to survive on a broader set of alien worlds than astronomers had thought, a new study suggests.

Researchers have created a new online tool called the "Habitable Zone Gallery," which looks at every known exoplanetary system and determines that just-right range of distances from the host star where liquid water could exist. The upshot is that scientists might not need to pin their hopes for alien life on a planet like Earth, whose circular orbit keeps it in the middle of the habitable zone all the time.

" 'There are lots of giant planets out there, and all of them may have moons, if they are like the giant planets in the solar system," Kane said. "A moon of a planet that is in or spends time in a habitable zone can be habitable itself.' "

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Again, we see science beginning to ask questions for which many of us already have some answers from The Urantia Book - as in the discussion of whether all inhabited planets will harbor the same kind of life as us humans...

Find out about the seven kinds of mortal life HERE, as well as the most interesting discussion of the nonbreathers, and the worlds upon which they live "in close proximity" to us...

49:2.14 If mortals should inhabit a planet devoid of air, like your moon, they would belong to the separate order of nonbreathers. This type represents a radical or extreme adjustment to the planetary environment and is separately considered. Nonbreathers account for the remaining one and one-half per cent of Satania worlds.

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