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Night Images Of Planet Earth

NASA Reveals Amazing ‘Black Marble’ Night Images Of Planet Earth

By Gene Ryan Briones on 12/06/2012 10:24 PST

Nasa-black-marble-earth-07Watching our wonderful planet Earth from afar never looked this good. Behold! You are looking at an unprecedented new look at our planet at night. The scientists at NASA recently published these beautiful cloud-free night images of Earth taken from the new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite. The images, which forms a composite image, reveals the glow of natural and human-built phenomena across our planet in deeper detail. NASA’s NOAA satellite utilizes a new sensor that can observe the Earth’s surface and atmosphere during nighttime, something that was not possible before.

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further, and find some links to more beautiful images of our beloved Urantia


15:14.5 Your world is called Urantia, and it is number 606 in the planetary group, or system, of Satania. This system has at present 619 inhabited worlds, and more than two hundred additional planets are evolving favorably toward becoming inhabited worlds at some future time.

15:14.9 Your planet is a member of an enormous cosmos; you belong to a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, but your sphere is just as precisely administered and just as lovingly fostered as if it were the only inhabited world in all existence.

Link to External Source Article

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