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Most Extreme Space Discoveries of 2012

Astronomical discoveries in 2012 have reshaped what we know about the universe and pushed some instruments to the very limits of their observing power.

Scientists discovered a galaxy that harbors an enormous central black hole 17 billion times more massive than the sun. Another research group spotted a scorching-hot rocky planet in the closest star system to our own. Meanwhile, the records for most massive galaxy cluster and most distant galaxy were shattered.

Here's a brief rundown of some of the year's most extreme and exciting cosmic finds.

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From black holes and exoplanets to stars and galaxies, there's something to interest anyone who marvels at how much of the cosmos is being revealed by modern science - and how much of it is starting to corroborate some Urantia Book teachings about the universe.

It's always interesting to search on some of these ideas and see just where we might find some Urantia Book perspective on the matter. Click HERE to access TruthBook's search feature.

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