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Milky Way Galaxy May Be Less Massive Than Thought

The Milky Way galaxy, home of Earth's solar system, may actually be only half as massive as currently thought, scientists say.

Stars in the far outer reaches of the Milky Way, between 260,000 and 490,000 light-years from the galactic center, are cruising around surprisingly slowly, researchers found. Galactic mass and star velocities are linked, so the results could have big implications.

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I am nowhere near a talented astronomy student, but on the face of it, it seems that these outer-lying space bodies may in fact be a part of the outer space levels, and not part and parcel of the Milky Way. None of these systems is clear-cut, but blend into one another...and present-day astronomers appear to have no idea of these levels at this time

11:7.7 The relatively quiet zones between the space levels, such as the one separating the seven superuniverses from the first outer space level, are enormous elliptical regions of quiescent space activities. These zones separate the vast galaxies which race around Paradise in orderly procession. You may visualize the first outer space level, where untold universes are now in process of formation, as a vast procession of galaxies swinging around Paradise, bounded above and below by the midspace zones of quiescence and bounded on the inner and outer margins by relatively quiet space zones. *

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