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Letting You Leave Church

Dear Christians, both wounded and worried, leaders and laity, trend-watchers, naysayers, pastors, and all who pray for the Church's health and behavior to improve...

Departure is a sensitive and greatly feared concern in Christian congregations and denominations. Churches and pastors don't want their parishioners to leave. Denominations fret when churches threaten departure. Across the Church, we view departure as an indicator of division or a foreshadowing of demise.

As statistics continue to reveal the Church's numerical decline, the impulse of congregations and denominations is to resist, to fear, to fight against membership losses. For the sake of survival, we plead: "Don't leave."

I prefer to say, "Blessings as you go!"

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This article is worth reading, and this pastor is a good example of spiritual leadership.

For a great example of an ideal kind of church, The Urantia Book teaches:

103:5.12 ...There is great hope for any church that worships the living God, validates the brotherhood of man, and dares to remove all creedal pressure from its members.

Link to External Source Article

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