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Heaven Is For Real

Have you seen the Heaven Is For Real movie? Do you think heaven is real? Do you believe in life after death? Every one of us will face death at some point...can we really hope for something more when we leave this earth? Take heart! The Urantia Book is a rich source of information about the afterlife, and we invite you to have a look at some of our pages that can give you inspiration, comfort, and hope about the ultimate adventure that awaits all of us.

"Death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery." ~ The Urantia Book, 14:5.10

Our online There is Life After Death Magazine is a comprehensive and detailed account of Urantia Book teachings about our journey to Heaven. Here's a short excerpt from Page 7 of There is Life After Death:


What is Heaven Really Like?


"If we knew the navigation patterns, had the proper ship, adequate fuel, and permission to visit, we literally could fly a spaceship to the heavenly worlds.

"If we ponder the visions of heaven dreamed by the twentieth century's most perceptive religious philosophers, we gain an insight into the first heavenly worlds where we will live. As we proceed beyond these first worlds, we will realize that nothing in human experience has prepared us to understand or express the beauty and diversity of the heavens.

The universe is vast, much larger than most scientists have imagined. To ensure organization and orderliness, specially constructed architectural worlds were designed to serve as administrative head- quarters. These architectural worlds, strategically placed throughout the universe, are like separate heavens. Heaven is not one central place but Paradise is the center of the universe and is the heaven of heavens."


The Afterlife is a collection of some of The Urantia Book's most inspiring teachings about Heaven.

And THIS LINK discusses the survival of your human self - your personality - as you make your way to what we would think of as Heaven, those places that Jesus called "the Father's many mansions"

After You Die is a short video that details Urantia Book teachings about what happens to us after death and the step-by-step process that takes place when you get to the Heavenly worlds

Is Heaven a planet? Go to THIS LINK to find out...

What IS death, really? HERE is a section of The Urantia Book that discusses this inevitable reality.

We hope that after exploring some Urantia Book teachings about Heaven and life after death, you'll be inspired to explore even more of this marvelous gift of revelation to our planet that is The Urantia Book

Finally - have YOU had an experience with Heaven? Do you have any questions? Please share what you know, or want to know, with us. We would love to hear from you!

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