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How Can We Make Evolution a Better Story?

The quick answer to this question is this: We cannot make evolution into a better story. Let me explain.

A story is a narrative account of a motivated character who acts to achieve certain goals or ends over time. Every great story you can think of—from Homer’s Iliad to your favorite television show—involves characters who pursue goals over time, characters who want something and set out to achieve it. In this sense, the classic biblical creation stories are very good stories. You have a main character—God, the creator—who sets out to achieve something over time. There is purpose and design to what God, the main character, does. God is an agent—a self-conscious, motivated actor. All stories have agents.

Evolutionary theory, however, is not a story in that there is no prime agent, no self-conscious and motivated main character who strives to achieve something over time. For this reason, there is no overall narrative arc or design, no purpose that is being achieved by a purposeful agent. Instead, you have random, mechanical forces—variation, selection, and heredity. Bad story! But, at the same time, extraordinarily brilliant and elegant theory, for it provides a compelling and scientifically testable explanation for life on earth.

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...unfortunately, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about the nature of evolution and its real purpose...even though evolutionary "theory" may not be covered in the Bible, it is nonetheless, intimately connected to God.

This really grabbed my attention because, as a Urantia Book reader, I know, as do all UB readers, that evolution is what the book calls a "romance." How's that for a good story? Evolution is a GREAT story, and is indeed, the brainchild of a "self-conscious and motivated main character who strives to achieve something over time..." - namely, the Universal Father! He is the all-time "purposeful agent."

Read selected passages about Evolution HERE - and of course, Paper 65 - The Overcontrol of Evolution - is always a good read.

Link to External Source Article

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