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Hawking's Multiverse Theory

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Is there such a thing as a "multiverse?" A scenario that includes multiple universes besides our own? This is the concept that was being explored by Stephen Hawking, one of the world's leading scientific minds. And here is an article titled: Stephen Hawking's 'breathtaking' final multiverse theory completed two weeks before he died by Henry Bodkin that outlines that work. We will blog about this idea using Urantia Book teachings below, but here are a few snips from the article:

"A final theory explaining how mankind might detect parallel universes was completed by Stephen Hawking shortly before he died, it has emerged.

"Colleagues have revealed the renowned theoretical physicist's final academic work was to set out the groundbreaking mathematics needed for a spacecraft to find traces of multiple big bangs.

"Currently being reviewed by a leading scientific journal, the paper, named A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation, may turn out to be Hawking's most important scientific legacy."

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It was sad to hear that Stephen Hawking passed away recently; his was a great mind housed in a body that was unfortunately wracked by a debilitating disease that left him confined to a wheelchair, even unable to speak. Nevertheless, his mind remained sharp and clear; we consider him to be a great thinker and likely a great truthseeker. His scientific work will live on and inspire others.

The idea of a multiverse, the idea that Hawking explored towards the end of his life, is one that Urantia Book readers will find familiar because the teachings of the book explain that we live in but one of many universes - seven to be exact. Hawking was correct. One can't help but wonder if his research would ever have revealed the truth of this theory to him, or if he might ever have come to discover the Divine Mind that is behind its majesty.

One of the most sweeping and amazing parts of The Urantia Book is its astronomical content - the cosmological picture of God's creation - that is revealed in Part I of the book. The great thing about it is that the information is accessible to even the humblest of minds, which is evidenced by the wide variety of people who read and study the book. Readers encompass truthseeking minds across a wide spectrum ...people with all manner of lifestyles, religious affiliations, socio-political levels, those with minimal education, to PhDs... and everything in between. The good news is that with the revelation of The Urantia Book, anyone who is a seeker for truth can appreciate and even comprehend the grandeur of God's creation.


Yes! - there are seven superuniverses in all, each with a central nexus, or capital. And each of these universes is rotating, spinning, around the central, stationary, and perfect universe of Havona. All of these universes blend into one another - in other words, there are not sharp demarcation between them, they are not parallel universes, but all are distinct creations with distinct purposes. And taken together, they represent trillions of potentially inhabited worlds like ours.

Please see Paper 15: The Seven Superuniverses where we read:

15:0.2 Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The first post-Havona creation was divided into seven stupendous segments, and the headquarters worlds of these superuniverse governments were designed and constructed. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days.

Where are We in all of this?

Each of these "seven stupendous segments" contains over one hundred local universes. Our local universe is called Nebadon and it resides near the periphery of Orvonton, the name of our superuniverse. We are out on the fringes. This is likely one reason that we are unable to penetrate very far into the outer reaches of space; even with our powerful telescopes, we will never be able to see very far. But we have a revelation that tells us what is out there.

From Paper 15:

15:1.5 Your local universe of Nebadon belongs to Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, which swings on between superuniverses one and six, having not long since (as we reckon time) turned the southeastern bend of the superuniverse space level. Today, the solar system to which Urantia belongs is a few billion years past the swing around the southern curvature so that you are just now advancing beyond the southeastern bend and are moving swiftly through the long and comparatively straightaway northern path. For untold ages Orvonton will pursue this almost direct northerly course.

15:1.6 Urantia belongs to a system which is well out towards the borderland of your local universe; and your local universe is at present traversing the periphery of Orvonton. Beyond you there are still others, but you are far removed in space from those physical systems which swing around the great circle in comparative proximity to the Great Source and Center.

With the revelation of The Urantia Book - armed with the amazing information about our cosmological environs - we can finally begin to grasp the reality of of God's creation, comprehend its purpose, and somewhat even grasp its vastness.

This information is for you

Rather than try to encapsulate this information in this blog, we wish merely to point you in the right direction to discover it for yourself. This is the best way for anyone to try and wrap their mind around it. But you can be assured that it is understandble. It is reasonable.

Just as we know and appreciate the course of our own solar system, the movements of the planets and the sun and the moon...we find in the revelation of the universe of universes that same predictability and order that characterizes everything in nature that God creates. The forces of nature are known and reliable and they extend to all of the creation. The mind of God and his personality presence is hidden in the magnificence of the universe!

And it is graspable by all of us because we are the spirit children of God - inheritors of his nature, sharers of his matchless personality, and intimately associated with him through the ministry of the Thought Adjuster

Alber Einstein had it correct when he said: "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible."

And when you read the explanation of the universe as revealed in The Urantia Book, you will agree. We may not be able to grasp the scale, the size, the incredible vastness of it all, but we can grasp its order and its majesty. The revelators teach:

1:6.7 To assume that the universe can be known, that it is intelligible, is to assume that the universe is mind made and personality managed. Man's mind can only perceive the mind phenomena of other minds, be they human or superhuman. If man's personality can experience the universe, there is a divine mind and an actual personality somewhere concealed in that universe.

We recommend a complete reading of all of Part I for the most comprehensive view of God - his nature, his personality, his creation; but if you can't wait to find out about the multiverses, please start here in Paper 15 The Universe of Universes to begin your journey into the cosmos!

Discover the truth of the seven universes for yourself! And maybe you'll want to say a little prayer for Stephen Hawking while you're at it. We can't help but think that he is on a voyage of discovery of his own in which he will finally be able to grasp these stupendous truths first-hand!

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