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God, Jesus and Justin Bieber

Truthbook has been promoting God and Jesus for years, but in only two days, Justin Bieber has those two words trending #1 on Twitter. Justin Bieber has done a great service by acknowledging God and Jesus; we'd like to see more of this in the world! See This Link for Bieber's comments.

There are good reasons that Urantia believes God and Jesus should be thanked...

The Urantia Book does many things for the reader/student; it teaches us about our universe, our planet, our history and our destiny. But of prime importance, it teaches us a new way to know God, and a new way to understand Jesus. Once we know God as a loving Father and a personal friend, we can never go back to ideas about him that are unloving; we can never again be afraid of his will for us, which is only love.

We can only be grateful!

God is LOVE, and his aspirations for his children on earth are only for good. Part I of The Urantia Book contains a new and satisfying revelation of God for all people, regardless of church affiliation or background.

Part IV of The Urantia Book contains the restated Life and Teachings of Jesus. This new revelation of Jesus' life will thrill the reader as never before...if you already know Jesus, you'll meet him again in a whole new way.

Jesus revealed the true nature of God while he was here on earth. Jesus said "He who has seen me has seen the Father." This divine Son of God spent his life working to liberate the spiritual captives, to raise the oppressed, and to bring a new understanding of the nature of God to our world. This is reason for gratitude, indeed!

We join Justin in celebrating God, in celebrating Jesus, and in celebrating The Urantia Book, which has been the greatest gift to humanity in over 2000 years!

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