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Evolutionary Faith

My friend a great speaker. Entertaining, funny, and he knew his subject backwards and forwards. It was easy to listen to him, and I settled back to pleasantly enjoy every minute.

Every minute that is until he said this; “Genesis says that God created light before the source of light. How can anyone believe that the light we see in the nighttime sky originated millions of years ago when it’s clear in the Bible that God made the light only a few thousand years ago?” Ah, my friend from the Bible College really pressed the magic button. I stopped enjoying and started thinking.

I started thinking how wrong he was. The evidence supporting evolutionary theory is mountainous. The people who have devoted their lives to studying it are legion. The arguments against evolution are derived from a book whose authors never intended to deal with this or any subject remotely similar to it. And The Urantia Book says that evolution is the way or diving technique which God used to create life on earth.

My friend was dead wrong. But what’s wrong with that? If a person believes in something that is not true is he/she in trouble with God? If a person believes God is the sun, is that person’s eternal salvation in jeopardy?

Many would say yes, including my friend who was doing the speaking. But The Urantia Book would say no. And it’s this idea that needs to be brought to the world’s attention. Because most religious people on our planet are convinced that those who do not believe their version of correct religious doctrine are doomed to a less then satisfactory future. The Urantia Book teaches that God is more fair, just and merciful than that.

The Urantia Book tells us that our future is fairly wonderful. It tells us that all we need to continue on our journey through the universe is faith. And the smallest amount, even a faint flicker, is good enough. Melchizedek included this as part of his Salem covenant; You shall not doubt that faith is the only requirement for eternal salvation. (1017:10)

I think the Apostle Paul believed this as well as Martin Luther. Yet both developed doctrine that had to be adhered to. The Urantia Book has plenty of doctrinal teaching, but nothing is essential for eternal life except faith. Just a little turning towards God is required to survive this world.

The book says this; Supreme justice is dominated by a Father's love; therefore will justice never destroy that which mercy can save. Time to accept salvation is vouchsafed every evildoer. (617:3)

Therefore a person who believes that God is the sun, if he possess a mustard seed sized amount of faith, is going to be OK.

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