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Enlightened Teachings on The Hell Doctrine

5 Reasons Why More Christians Are Rejecting The Traditional View of Hell by Benjamin L. Corey

Well, THIS is good news, indeed! This is a development that all children of God can get behind. See our blog below for more commentary...but here are the author's five reasons he believes hell is being rejected by more Christians these days:


1. Something in our spirit tells us that torturing people is morally wrong.

2. The concept of eternal, conscious torment runs contrary to the whole testimony in scripture.

3. The final judge of each individual is Jesus, and torturing people seems contradictory to his character.

4. Jesus would become a hypocrite, demanding that we nonviolently love our enemies while he does the complete opposite.

5. We simply can't get past the idea that we are more gracious and merciful than Jesus himself.

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All of us can rejoice that the age-old fears of eternal damnation are finally being laid to rest; seeing this development among Christians is especially heartening!

Each of the reasons given in this article for disenchantment with hellfire and damnation are perfectly reasonable, logical, and consistent with the understanding that we have of God through the teachings of The Urantia Book, too. And anyone - whether they read The Urantia Book, or not - who has had personal experience with the goodness, the mercy, the forgiveness and the love of God simply cannot entertain the idea that this same God would be so cruel as to eternally punish his erring children in such a vicious fashion,

We look forward to the day when even more of the Old Testament views of God as vengeful, jealous, unforgiving and intolerant will fall, too. When once we realize and understand that Jesus came to our world to reveal the infinite God to our finite, material eyes, we can no longer believe in any doctrine that portrays God as anything less than we see in Jesus. Jesus said: "He who has seen me has seen the Father." And since we never saw Jesus displaying any of the negative attributes of the Old Testament God, we have to assume that they are simply WRONG. Jesus upstepped our understanding of God to that of a loving Father, rather than a vengeful king.

What the HELL?

But, how did such an erroneous doctrine like hell ever gain a foothold among God's people? Here at TruthBook, we have put together a topical study of hell; Click to access it now.

OK... but, what about real wrongdoers?

But what does happen to those who deliberately reject God? Isn't there a system in place for punishing the iniquitous?

In the infinite wisdom of God, there IS such a system, but it does not involve endless torture by fire, or any other kind of eternal punishment. When a soul has finally and deliberately decided to reject God and the ascension plan of progressive spirit attainment, that soul is simply "extinguished." That soul is removed from existence; it is as though it had never been at all. From The Urantia Book:

2:3.2 Infinite wisdom is the eternal arbiter which determines the proportions of justice and mercy which shall be meted out in any given circumstance. The greatest punishment (in reality an inevitable consequence) for wrongdoing and deliberate rebellion against the government of God is loss of existence as an individual subject of that government. The final result of wholehearted sin is annihilation. In the last analysis, such sin-identified individuals have destroyed themselves by becoming wholly unreal through their embrace of iniquity. The factual disappearance of such a creature is, however, always delayed until the ordained order of justice current in that universe has been fully complied with.
Cessation of existence is usually decreed at the dispensational or epochal adjudication of the realm or realms. On a world such as Urantia it comes at the end of a planetary dispensation. Cessation of existence can be decreed at such times by co-ordinate action of all tribunals of jurisdiction, extending from the planetary council up through the courts of the Creator Son to the judgment tribunals of the Ancients of Days. The mandate of dissolution originates in the higher courts of the superuniverse following an unbroken confirmation of the indictment originating on the sphere of the wrongdoer's residence; and then, when sentence of extinction has been confirmed on high, the execution is by the direct act of those judges residential on, and operating from, the headquarters of the superuniverse.
When this sentence is finally confirmed, the sin-identified being instantly becomes as though he had not been. There is no resurrection from such a fate; it is everlasting and eternal. The living energy factors of identity are resolved by the transformations of time and the metamorphoses of space into the cosmic potentials whence they once emerged. As for the personality of the iniquitous one, it is deprived of a continuing life vehicle by the creature's failure to make those choices and final decisions which would have assured eternal life. When the continued embrace of sin by the associated mind culminates in complete self-identification with iniquity, then upon the cessation of life, upon cosmic dissolution, such an isolated personality is absorbed into the oversoul of creation, becoming a part of the evolving experience of the Supreme Being. Never again does it appear as a personality; its identity becomes as though it had never been. In the case of an Adjuster-indwelt personality, the experiential spirit values survive in the reality of the continuing Adjuster.

And so we see hat this process is merciful as well as just; the wrongdoer simply ceases to exist. He/she is not tormented or tortured, and even the good that such a soul may have performed in his/her life is preserved in the experience of the indwelling fragment of God (the Thought Adjuster), who may then indwell another mortal at another time.

Revelation Helps Us Grow Faster!

It is teachings such as this that make The Urantia Book such an invaluable source of knowledge; true, the individual can eventually develop this understanding for him/herself, but a revelation such as The Urantia Book can enormously shorten a lifetime of this slowly-dawning understanding, so that someone who wants to know this information has that knowledge, and can use it NOW. This is one of the advantages of revelation...and there are more.

In years to come, as more and more mortals begin to experience the true love of God for themselves; as more and more people begin to study the life of Jesus ever more closely, a truer picture of God will begin to emerge. We see this happening right now, as evidenced by this uplifting article about the failure of Hell to hold believers who really know God. And all who desire a closer walk with God and a deeper understanding of Jesus can have that NOW, by simply reading and studying The Urantia Book. The teachings on hell are but one example; the revelation of the nature of God, the mystery of God's existence within each person, the soul, life after death, angels...the list goes on of the kinds of revealed knowledge that is available in the pages of The Urantia Book.

But the greatest and most important of those revelations is contained in Part IV of The Urantia Book: The Life and Teachings of Jesus. When once we study and understand how Jesus lived and what he believed, we can nevermore believe in anything but a loving Father whose will for us is only GOOD.

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