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Emergent Christianity and The Urantia Book

Apocalypse on all Our Houses… a guest post from Pamela Chaddock

Friends, here's a wonderful article written by one of the bright stars in the "emergent Christianity" movement - Pamela Chaddock. She is a Christian and a reader of The Urantia Book. Here in this article, she explains the value of epochal revelation and its connection to this new, emergent view of traditional Christianity

From the article:

"I see the Urantia Papers as today's 'apocalyptic pivot-point,' and course-correcting metanarrative directing evolution forward. Some 900 pages are devoted to the Life and Teachings of Jesus. We are admonished, 'Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.' "

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We could not agree more, and we are thrilled to see this Christian pioneer stepping into the new dialogue about the meaning and direction of Christianity in the modern world - and how The Urantia Book can inform and expand that meaning going forward. We encourage everyone-Urantia Book readers and seeking Christians-to read the article...

"What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions! Surely the Christian fellowship of believers will not hesitate to make such adjustments of faith and of practices of living as will enable it to "follow after" the Master in the demonstration of his real life of religious devotion to the doing of his Father's will and of consecration to the unselfish service of man."

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