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Does God love Christians and Muslims equally?

Does God really love Christians and Muslims, Palestinians and Jews the same?

From The Urantia Book:

“You are all God’s children, you are the sons of the heavenly Father. The bonds of time may seem to afflict you, but the God of eternity loves you”. ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 147:3.3

God loves each individual as an individual child in the heavenly family. Yet God thus loves every individual; he is no respecter of persons, and the universality of his love brings into being a relationship of the whole, the universal brotherhood. ~ The Urantia Book, (12:7.8)

Practically every religion that exists today on our world claims to know God best. Many religions subsribe to a philosophy that puts its followers above all others; Catholics believe that all must be baptized in the Church for salvation; Christians believe that all must accept Jesus as Lord and Savior to be saved; Muslims believe in the necessity of both faith and good works for salvation: "To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness hath Allah promised forgiveness and a great reward."

One could wonder what God thinks of all this. Does God approve only of one religion? Which one is right? Can God possibly love all religionists the same: Catholics, Christians, and Muslims? Is it possible that he loves even the "un-churched?"

The Urantia Book reveals a concept of God that is a breath of fresh air to ALL those who seek him, in whatever way they may seek him. God is shown to be a loving father, a  personal deity who loves each individual with a fatherly affection. God does not show favoritism to any sect of believers; instead God invites all of his individual children to personal relationship with him.  God is no respecter of persons; neither is he a respecter of institutionalized religions.

One amazing evidence of God's non-favoritism is the bestowal of a part of himself into the mind of each human being. This bestowal is given regardless of the individual's standing in regard to religious affiliation. What could be more inclusive than that?

Please accept this invitation to explore God as he is lovingly revealed in The Urantia Book. Simply click the "next " button on each page to delve deeper into your search

The Urantia Book teaches that ALL religions are good, insofar as each one brings man closer to God, and God closer to man.

Here are some Urantia Book quotes spoken by Jesus about God's eternal and universal love:

In instructing the Jews about the difference between their racial religion and the religion that he came to teach and to live, the Master said: "You well know that, while a kindhearted father loves his family as a whole, he so regards them as a group because of his strong affection for each individual member of that family. No longer must you approach the Father in heaven as a child of Israel but as a child of God. As a group, you are indeed the children of Israel, but as individuals, each one of you is a child of God. I have come, not to reveal the Father to the children of Israel, but rather to bring this knowledge of God and the revelation of his love and mercy to the individual believer as a genuine personal experience. The prophets have all taught you that Yahweh cares for his people, that God loves Israel. But I have come among you to proclaim a greater truth, one which many of the later prophets also grasped, that God loves you—every one of you—as individuals. All these generations have you had a national or racial religion; now have I come to give you a personal religion." ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 145:2.3

"All men are my brothers. My Father in heaven does not despise any creature of our making. The kingdom of heaven is open to all men and women. No man may close the door of mercy in the face of any hungry soul who may seek to gain an entrance thereto... As our Father in heaven looks down upon men, they are all alike. Refuse not therefore to break bread with Pharisee or sinner, Sadducee or publican, Roman or Jew, rich or poor, free or bond. The door of the kingdom is wide open for all who desire to know the truth and to find God.”~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 138:4.2 

The Urantia Book's revelation of God's love is unlike anything before seen on earth. God's Love is eternal:

What is it about religion that can influence people to become so exclusionary about others who are not like them? Please have a look at our topical study on Religion HERE

Finally: Does God really love YOU?

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