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Culture key to happiness, survival

For the Ute nation, the word culture describes countless aspects of life, from the language and spiritual ceremonies, to pivotal life transitions, to everyday crafts, clothing and meals.

For instance, Utes take at least one year to mourn the death of a loved one. And a four-day ceremony held in the summer, called Sundance, is the most spiritual of Ute celebrations.

The driving force behind many of the traditions: “Happiness and survival,” said Ute Mountain Ute tribal member and cultural artist Norman Lansing.

Take a look to learn more about a few of the many traditions that Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute tribal leaders and members say make up their culture.

Spiritual Ceremonies:

Sundance, Bear Dance,

Rites of Passage:

Pregnancy, Delivery, Birth, Infancy, and Naming

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This article above is quite a beautiful relating of some of the highlights of a civilization of an indigenous people that exists within the larger context of our Westernized civilization. We could do worse than to adapt/adopt some of these beautiful practices - mainly for the benefit of our children...

And, from The Urantia Book:

Please see this section: Cultural Society

Link to External Source Article

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