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Poll: Confidence in the Church/Organized Religion Declining

Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions survey for this year was conducted 7-10 June 2012, and the results were published last Wednesday. Gallup has been conducting this kind of survey since 1973, and annually since 1993. Participants were asked to tell how much confidence they had—great deal/quite a lot, some, or very little/none—in the list of institutions presented. Based on the results, the biggest declines in confidence were for television news, the public schools, and organized religions.

Speaking from a Christian perspective, I believe there are at least two general reasons why there may be a drop in confidence in the church. One has to do with the mission and message of the church. Again, from a Christian perspective, the church’s mission is to bring people into a personal and growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and to provide practical answers to the tough questions in life. For those who attend Christian local churches and who feel the church has failed to deliver on this primary mission, they have legitimate grounds for losing confidence in the church.

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The Urantia Book says a lot about the shortcomings of organized religions. Urantia Book students have known for a long time that a time was coming when these attempts at imprisoning religion would fail in increasing numbers:

99:2.1 Institutional religion cannot afford inspiration and provide leadership in this impending world-wide social reconstruction and economic reorganization because it has unfortunately become more or less of an organic part of the social order and the economic system which is destined to undergo reconstruction. Only the real religion of personal spiritual experience can function helpfully and creatively in the present crisis of civilization.

See Weakness of Institutional Religion

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