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Beings from Other Planets Guided Our Religions?

Close on the heels of a piece about whether life has been seeded here on earth from an extraterrestrial source, here comes this interesting article with a similar theme: BBC ‘The Big Questions’ Holds A Serious Debate On Whether Jesus And Buddha Were Aliens

This interesting article is written almost in disbelief by the author, who seems incredulous that a prestigious institution like the BBC could even entertain such an idea...

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Help from On High

As Urantia Book readers know, our religions and our civilizations have, indeed, been guided by beings who do not call our earth (Urantia) their home. From the earliest times of our planet's evolution, our world has been known, fostered, and loved by those who are part of the spiritual civilization that permeates the universe of universes of which our little world is a part

The Urantia Book tells us "a story of us" that is sweeping in its scope, a story that fills in all the gaps in our knowledge of our world and its history. Before The Urantia Book, we have been groping in the dark; now, we have the complete picture. Not only the beings who had a pivotal part in our planet's development, but the purposes and plans that were set in motion hundreds of thousands of years ago in order to bring our world into the cosmic family of inhabited worlds are finally revealed in the pages of The Urantia Book.

As a result of modern scientific exploration and its powerful ability to peer into the far reaches of space, we now have a growing suspicion that it is highly unlikely that we are the only planet in the universe that can harbor life. And this suspicion is true...

When our earth was capable of evolving a species of being like us - beings that could think, could reason, and could seek and know God, note was taken of this development, and then began a series of epochal visitations by ambassadors of celestial government - the government of God.

The purpose of these visitations was to fellowship and educate the races of mankind that were in primitive development ... to help these races to grow and to form workable and successful civilizations that were patterned after the kinds of civilizations that exist in the rest of the universe ... to inform these races of men that they were sons and daughters of God and that they had a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny.

The visitation of Adam and Eve was one such epochal revelation; the incarnation of the Son of God as Jesus of Nazareth was one; and The Urantia Book is yet another.

Unfortunately, not all of the visitations were successful, but still, our world has progressed.

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You might wonder why it is that this information is not widely known. There is a good reason, and it has to do with the fact that between the time of the first epochal revelation and the second, our world was plunged into spiritual darkness because of the effects of the Lucifer rebellion. All subsequent revelations of God to man have been affected by this one devastating event.

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Read "The Story of Us"

The day is coming when scientific fact will not be the only guide as to the reality of the universe and the nature of creation. Once science can make that small leap across the chasm between the material and the reality of spirit, the truth about our place in the universe will become far more comforting and understandable. In the meantime, we have been given The Urantia Book to help us in our quest for truth.

The Urantia Book - read it and find out about those magnificent beings who have been toiling for millennia behind the scenes for our good. The day has come when we can join forces with them and help uplift the entire world from the remnants of those long-ago dark days of rebellion into the light of transcendent, cosmic citizenship in a friendly universe!

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