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As Seen on TV: Ancient Astronauts, Space Aliens and Gods

At present there are a number of long running television series entertaining the concept that earth was in the past, is today, and will be in the future visited by extraterrestrial beings, in both physical and nonphysical forms. Often the scientists, anthropologists and philosophers advancing these programs explain the origin of earth life as having been implanted by outside entities, by space aliens. There are two good reasons for this current focus; first, life is inexplicable from a purely earthly theories about chemical processes, making it a great unknown; and second, scientists and philosophers don't usually recognize a spiritual component to creation. God can't be seen or scientifically proven, therefore a traditional scientific method doesn't apply; scientific solutions rely on repeatable observable facts so life and its convolutions are usually explained in nonspiritual terms.

What Does The Urantia Book Teach?

The intent of this short article is to reduce the confusion of truth seekers by familiarizing them with the teachings of The Urantia Book relating to this subject. The Urantia Book provides a logical, plausible explanation for the myths surrounding ancient astronauts', space aliens', and gods' visitations, that can be summarized as follows:

• The realm of spirit, the nonphysical aspect of creation, oversees, administers, and guides all physical manifestations from atomic particles to galaxies, from inorganic material to living beings, and from space and time to infinity and eternity.

• Life is not an accidental chemical reaction; it is designed and planned by beings whose purpose is to be the designers and implementers of life for all of creation.

• When suitable conditions for life are found on an evolutionary world it is implanted as single-celled organisms and allowed to evolve naturally over vast spans of time. There is, in the mind of God, a plan for evolutionary creatures to eventually become perfected beings.

• On earth, life was implanted a little less than nine hundred million years ago. The single-celled organisms contained the complex DNA infrastructure that allowed those organisms over time to evolve and diversify to become the plant, animal and human life that would eventually encompass all the world.

• The first human beings differentiated from the animal kingdom approximately one million years ago, on the west coast of what was then the Mesopotamian peninsula as it projected into the the southern sea. Human beings are the apex of material creature evolution. Human-like animals are the immediate precursors to human beings. Pre-humans and human beings are physically indistinguishable. What sets a human being apart is an evolved mental and spiritual identity, a connection to the world of spirit ... a connection lacking in animals.

• The development of the human species followed natural evolutionary processes, and within the first eight hundred thousand years humans had spread throughout Asia, Europe and Africa, following and retreating with the northern polar ice as it ebbed and flowed through the ages.

• Approximately five hundred thousand years ago, according to plans originally put into place when life was implanted here, an administrative government of spirit and physical beings was established within the vicinity of Turkey. Its purpose was to influence the indigenous earth peoples toward a more civilized existence through agriculture, tools, sciences and social development. These beings were looked upon as gods. This govenment included numerous schools along with a spiritual, cultural, scientific and administrative center and it flourished for the next three hundred thousand years. Approximately two hundred thousand years ago its success was interrupted through a tragic system-wide rebellion and its very existence gradually became a thing of legend, folk lore, superstition and fable.

• By about forty thousand years ago humans had sufficiently evolved, so that another physical and spiritual administration was attempted. This was the mission of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, located between the island of Crete and the country of Syria. It was intended to improve religious understanding, the sciences, agriculture, and the biology of human beings.

• After just one hundred years this mission also failed although the human races had already been somewhat improved through its influence. Ever since Adam and Eve and their failed mission, the Garden of Eden and its famed inhabitants have become the stuff of legend and mystery, too. The Biblical accouts of this watershed event in human history were gleaned through generations of word-of-mouth iterations before the dawn of the printed word, adding to the mystery and the misapprehension of the true meaning of the event. Additionally, the legend of Atlantis may be based on this mission and the destruction of the Garden.

• About four thousand years ago a further spiritual mission was undertaken in the mid-East by the incarnation of a special teacher, Melchizedek, the teacher of Abraham, as mentioned in Hebrew texts. This mission lasted about one hundred years and then Melchizedek disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared.

• Two thousand years ago the creator of the universe in which we live incarnated as a human being and was born in Bethlehem in the mid-East. He lived and taught in that area until he was nearly 36 years of age. To this day his short life and his teachings have transformed the spiritual, religious and mental outlook of humankind worldwide.

The above are fundamental teachings of The Urantia Book as they relate to the hand of God reaching down into the affairs of men. There has been one divine intervention on this world to implant life, two divine missions by spirit and material beings to improve and adjust human destiny, and two divine incarnations to uplift the spiritual development of mankind.

The Divine Plan

In order to address the modern attempts to explain human origins, space aliens and extraterrestrial visitations, one can conclude that, yes, in a sense space aliens have been here, but not quite in the manner being examined on our TV channels. These celestial visitations have improved physical well being and the religious and spiritual growth in the human species.

This is not the meddling of some advanced alien civilizations with the more primitive one found here on earth but rather is the outworking of a divine plan designed to lift rudimentary, evolutionary life from chaos to order, and eventually to perfection. The fostering of life on an evolutionary world is a slow, gradual process redirected now and again by such a divine plan.

Were it not for the tragic consequences of the sweeping rebellion that de-railed the first outreach to our world, we inhabitants of earth (Urantia) would still be enjoying the benefits of the original center of spiritual government here (Dalamatia), we would still have the world-wide ministry of a resident Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and we would still be in regular communication with celestial government. But that rebellion and its aftermath have left earth's inhabitants in a spiritually darkened state, whereby spiritual reality is not readily evident; whereby faith in something other-than-material-reality becomes vital to an understanding and acceptance of our true identity and our true destiny.

And again, we have not been, nor will we ever be, left totally without help. Our world is the center for seraphic planetary administration, and we have been given spiritual agencies that individualize the love and watchcare of God for every person; namely, the Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit.

We can be comforted knowing:

114:7.17 Your isolated world is not forgotten in the counsels of the universe. Urantia is not a cosmic orphan stigmatized by sin and shut away from divine watchcare by rebellion. From Uversa to Salvington and on down to Jerusem, even in Havona and on Paradise, they all know we are here; and you mortals now dwelling on Urantia are just as lovingly cherished and just as faithfully watched over as if the sphere had never been betrayed by a faithless Planetary Prince, even more so. It is eternally true, "the Father himself loves you."

These beneficent spiritual agencies are not the stuff of extraterrestrial, big-eyed, meddling, or mysterious beings who come in spaceships. But they definitely are of origins that are "not of this world."

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