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Move over, Tatooine! Amateurs discover planet with 4 suns

"(CNN) -- Thirty-five years ago, a scene in the first "Star Wars" film captivated movie-goers: Luke Skywalker peering across the landscape of Tatooine -- a desert planet dominated by a pair of setting suns.

This week, reality trumped (science) fiction with an image even more enthralling: two amateur astronomers poring through data from deep, distant skies and discovering a planet with four suns.

NASA's website calls the phenomenon a circumbinary planet, or a planet that orbits two suns.

Rare enough on its own -- only six other circumbinary planets are known to exist -- this planet is orbited by two more distant stars, making it the first known quadruple sun system."

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This is pretty exciting...hard not to feel gratified when once again, modern science corroborates something we learned in The Urantia Book. AND puts it all into divine perspective.

Does The Urantia Book talk about multi-solar planets? Indeed it does, as here:

49:0.5 The oldest inhabited world of Satania, world number one, is Anova, one of the forty-four satellites revolving around an enormous dark planet but exposed to the differential light of three neighboring suns. Anova is in an advanced stage of progressive civilization.

I guess we can only imagine what life is like there...but keep working for it here!!

Link to External Source Article

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