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Young Young Adult Exodus from the Faith

Last week I posted some thoughts about a recent survey by George Barna, which offers insight into the reasons people between 18 and 30 are leaving the faith. I addressed the first three reasons in that post, which could be summarized as: 1) churches are overprotective 2) the experience of God and spirituality offered in churches seems shallow and 3) churches come across as antagonistic towards science.

This post looks at the final three complaints, along with some closing thoughts at the end.

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further.


This article makes some very good points.

Modern youth are freer that ever to make decisions about their own spirituality...the institutionalized churches of authority are slowly but surely losing its grip on them - and their parents. Why?

Here's The Urantia Book take on that question:

Please see The Weakness of Institutionalized Religion

Link to External Source Article

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