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Yelling Is the New Smoking

According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, anger and hostility are directly liked to heart problems. This evidence was collected from 44 separate studies, so it's very reliable

The findings indicate that people with high levels of anger are at greater risk for heart disease, such as strokes and heart attacks, than those with moderate or low levels of anger. Much of findings indicate that getting angry isn't really the problem, as long as you handle it correctly.

When an angry person learns that their rage might negatively impact their own health, maybe they'll finally make a change for the better. That would be a blessing for everyone. With God all things are possible!

Please go HERE to read the entire article...some good advice.


And from The Urantia Book:

48:7.20 18. Impatience is a spirit poison; anger is like a stone hurled into a hornet’s nest.

Please see our topical study on ANGER...

Anger is one of those emotions that can burn white-hot, or smolder like pasty ashes. We could all benefit by making the effort to uncover the well of anger within us and sweetening it with the forgiveness of God...

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