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Who Killed Jesus - A Question That Won't Die

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recently marked its 100th anniversary by commissioning a survey that included questions regarding whether or not the Jews killed Jesus.

The ADL was founded at a time when anti-Semitism was rampant and deadly. Today, however, the latest ADL poll shows that (despite the rise in anti-Semitism particularly among Muslims and militant liberals) it is a dying phenomenon in the United States. According to the poll, “12 percent of Americans harbor deeply entrenched anti-Semitic attitudes,” while 26 percent believe that the Jews killed Jesus. Both numbers are down from previous years. Yet, the title of the article published in The Times of Israel says: “26% of Americans believe Jews killed Jesus.”

Why "The Times of Israel" chose to misinform their readers so grossly is anyone’s guess. I would think that Jews should be extremely satisfied with this information. After all, a century of relentless Jewish effort to put an end to the collective charge against the Jewish people for killing Christ has, as the ADL poll shows, resulted in resounding success.

However, with an obvious sense of relief, one wonders whether or not it is good to fix one wrong by committing another, namely, ignoring the truth.

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This is a very poignant and meaningful article and well-worth a read.

Taking note of historical fact is a necessary thing, but history is in the PAST. Even though some Jewish religious leaders in Jesus' time were responsible for ordering Jesus' death, that should in no way influence modern-day humanity's view of modern-day Jews.

The world is shrinking, and age-old hatreds are being brought to light for healing. Even though the resolutions to some of these unfortunate carryovers are violent and bloody at worst, and used as an excuse to shun certain members of the human race at best, the resolutions ARE coming. And it's up to each of us to be a part of that healing.

In the area of responsibility for Jesus' death, the facts are facts. Jesus' incarnation was planned to be in the Jewish culture, as that culture was thought to be the most progressive religion wherein to place the Prince of Peace. It was hoped, of course, that Jesus being brought up a good Jewish boy, would have an advantage when trying to inject new truth into Judaism - the religion of Jesus' youth and upbringing.

The facts are that the Jewish leaders rejcted Jesus and his message, and refused to adopt and adapt the good news for their people. Still, some Jews embraced Jesus, as do some Jews still today. No one today has any remote connection with the death of Jesus and no Jew need to carry any guilt about that. And no follower of Jesus should ever justify holding the Jews of today responsible for his death.

It seems that the times is ripe to bring even more light into the sensitive subject. And The Urantia Book helps us do that. Even though the picture of certain Jews of that time as portrayed in The Urantia Book is less than flattering, the revelators are very clear about how modern humanity is to treat the Jews. This passage says clearly what the truth of the matter really is:

175:2.3 How cruel and unreasoning to compel innocent children to suffer for the sins of their progenitors, misdeeds of which they are wholly ignorant, and for which they could in no way be responsible! And to do such wicked deeds in the name of one who taught his disciples to love even their enemies! It has become necessary, in this recital of the life of Jesus, to portray the manner in which certain of his fellow Jews rejected him and conspired to bring about his ignominious death; but we would warn all who read this narrative that the presentation of such a historical recital in no way justifies the unjust hatred, nor condones the unfair attitude of mind, which so many professed Christians have maintained toward individual Jews for many centuries. Kingdom believers, those who follow the teachings of Jesus, must cease to mistreat the individual Jew as one who is guilty of the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus. The Father and his Creator Son have never ceased to love the Jews. God is no respecter of persons, and salvation is for the Jew as well as for the gentile.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus are an amazing narrative. Anyone, no matter what their religious background, can benefit from seeing how Jesus lived his life - why he did the things he did, how he really felt about what was happening, how he really felt toward his father Joseph's people. It is good to remember that individuals killed the Master. These individuals were unfortunately some of the highest authorities in the Jewish religion, but nonetheless, they were a relatively small group of frightened and suspicious individuals. They acted from beliefs and prejudices of their day. In the 21st century, it seems high time to begin to see the Jewish people as individuals again, and stop vilifying them as a group because of the misdeeds of their long-ago ancestors.

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