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Where Did Religion Come From?

Where did religion come from? And how has it changed as human societies have evolved over the centuries?

You'd think only children would dare to ask such questions, but these musings are precisely the ones posed by America's premier sociologist, Robert Bellah in a recent book, "Religion in Human Evolution" (Harvard University Press). He begins at the beginning -- literally, with the Big Bang -- and tries to identify when religion emerged and how, and how it changed through the centuries. He ends with the Axial Age of the sixth century before Christ, focusing on ancient India, Israel, Greece and China. The book has aroused the interest of a range of scholars, from biologists to social scientists and historians.

Needless to say, there are admirers and skeptics. Some are both.

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About the evolution of religion, The Urantia Book teaches that the emergence of religion in primitive society is a result of the presence of the adjutant mind spirits of worship and wisdom:

Please see Paper 86: Early Evolution of Religion, as well as Paper 92: Later Evolution of Religion and Paper 92, Section 7

And - please see our topical study on both RELIGION and EVOLUTION

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