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The Nature of Jesus: What Christianity Says

The question at the head of this article may seem like a no-brainer, but it intrigued me. It's called What Does Christianity Say About the Nature of Jesus? Five Critical Claims by J. Warner Wallace.  The article will be of great interest to Christians and Urantia Book readers alike, I suspect. Although Urantia Book reader/students know there is far more to the story, nevertheless, the author has done a lot of very good research in the article and it's worth a read. Here is just a small snip: 

"For over two thousand years, seekers and believers have examined the person of Jesus in an effort to understand who He was and what He said about Himself. All of us, whether we are believers or not, believe something about the man named Jesus. Did He really live? Was He just a man? Is He God? Christianity describes Jesus as more than simply a wise teacher or inspired prophet, and what we believe about Jesus defines us as Christians. Those who believe Jesus is the eternal, uncreated Creator of the Universe are within the Christian family; those who think He is something less may be theists, but they aren’t Christian theists. As we examine the claims of the Christian Scripture, let’s step toward the Biblical Jesus and consider some of the possibilities as we examine some of the groups who hold to differing views about the nature of Jesus of Nazareth

1. Is He A Real Man?

2. Is He A Great Moral Teacher?

3. Is He A Prophet of God?

4. Is He A Prophet of God with Supernatural Powers?

5. Is Jesus God?"

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This article is pretty wonderful, in my is evidential analysis of some of the primary Christian tenets, and the religious groups that believe them, so that by the end, you can't help but realize-from the evidence-that Jesus WAS God, incarnated on earth...Anyone who loves Jesus will enjoy this article. And it looks like he's a very interesting author of other similar books. When you go to the article, you'll see more about Mr Wallace at the bottom.

Everyone wants to know more about Jesus these days. If they're like me, they just want MORE of Jesus. What we have had, via Scripture, since his life here is pretty scanty; and, we've read the same New Testament stories, by the same authors for generations. Yet, we know that Jesus lived a full human life - he was an infant, a toddler, an adolescent, a teenager, and he grew to manhood for 30 some-odd years before his story really starts. All of the author's evidences of Jesus are hard-won, for he has had to glean them through deductive reasoning, using (mostly) the NT alone. And he does a great job.

Maybe you wish there was more to the story. I always have...

Doesn't it seem reasonable to think that-somewhere-there's a repository of Jesus' entire life...every minute recorded by the angels?

Wouln't it be nice if some of that record of Jesus' life was given to us, here iat the dawn of 21st century life, so that we might study his life much more fully? Imagine Jesus as an inquisitive five year-old, as a student of music and astronomy, as sole support for his family when Joseph died unexpectedly, as a seasoned traveler in his young many more people did he meet, and what did he say to them?

Well, it IS nice - nice to actually have a lot of those stories that anyone can read. I am referring to The Urantia Book...maybe you've heard of it? In it, we read Jesus life in a week-to-week - and often a day-by-day - account. This account was indeed, recorded by angelic beings when Jesus lived here.

Could it be true that God has not stopped speaking to his children? Could it be that a loving heavenly Father looked upon this planet and perceived how valuable it would be for this world's peoples to discover the real Jesus - the God/man who lived a full life in the flesh?

Does it seem reasonable to think that Jesus' life - his family relationships, his response to hardship, his sense of duty, his friendships, his heartaches and his victories - that this life of Jesus and how he lived it might be of value to human beings in this day and age?

I am not as skilled as the author of the article above, but I am trying to appeal to that in all of us that wants evidence. I can't offer proof that Part IV of The Urantia Book, wherein is found this very same life and teachings of Jesus, is the actual life of Jesus, but I can say that when I first found The Urantia Book, I wept reading just the table of contents of Part IV. So much to read and discover! And there was no looking back, as it rings truer and truer as the years pass.

As we delve through Part IV of The Urantia Book, we actually DO begin to see and observe his life - long before he went into public ministry. His childhood, his adolescence, early manhood, and those later years right before his public ministry...lessons are embedded in every page on how to live a spirit-led life.

Well, I can only offer and share my own experience. I loved the article above, and if nothing else, you should read it. But I also hope you'll do yourself a favor, and check out The Life and Teachings of Jesus as Part IV of The Urantia Book.

To anyone who is fearlessly seeking Jesus, who is seeking MORE of Jesus: This book is for you...

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