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What can fear do to you?

What can fear do to you? It seems a lot. Anxiety, fear, and worry are reported to be mentally and physically harmful. Jere Daniel in a Psychology Today column, Learning to Love Growing Old, wrote, "Fear of aging speeds the very decline we dread most. And it ultimately robs our life of any meaning."

I'm discovering that we experience what we think and that fear seems to be able to negatively touch every part of the body, if we allow it. Because of this, I've found it effective to filter my thoughts through spiritual reasoning. Many call this prayer.

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The Urantia Book teaches us a lot about fear, and its negative impact on our lives and our spirits. One of Jesus' favorite watchwords was "Fear not..." We've put together a topical study of Urantia Book teachings on Fear which you can access HERE.

And Prayer is maybe the BEST antidote to fear...Read about it HERE

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