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"Wayward" - The Lost Son

'Wayward: The Prodigal Son,' is a new film based on Jesus' memorable moral tale about a son who abandoned his family in order to live a lifestyle of fame and sin before finding redemption in an unlikely source. The inspirational movie will debut in theaters sometime in the near future.

"[The upcoming film] tells the story of Tyler McMillan [Landon Henneman], a pampered rich kid who gets it all and almost loses everything, including his own life," according to a statement.

Cedar Fort Entertainment's Acquisition Manager Spencer Harden revealed the message behind of the future film. It's about a father's eternal love for his child, no matter how morally corrupt the child was prior to repentance.

"We all know someone who has gone astray," said Harden in a statement, according to a Christian Todayreport, "Every parent hopes it won't happen to their child, but they grow up with minds of their own."

Film director (in addition to writer and producer) Rob Diamond explained why he created his upcoming film, where he also plays as Tyler's dad Robert McMillan.

"I made 'Wayward: The Prodigal Son' because the Biblical story has always touched a deep place in my soul," said Diamond, according to a Christian Today report, "I have been on the receiving end of forgiveness many times for the mistakes I've made in my life. It's the perfect story of love, redemption and forgiveness."

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This looks like it might be a good movie coming up. I watched the trailer and thought it was maybe the actual film will not disappoint. I guess we'll see. But I am going to watch for it in November. Maybe we'll write another blog about it by then...

This movie is the enactment of one of the most famous parables of of the most famous and one of the most beloved.

The account of the Lost Son in The Urantia Book is very touching. In it, Jesus tells three parables together, with this parable of the lost son last; this section of The Urantia Book shows Jesus' skill and care in how he ministered to his followers with these parables.

The Urantia Book also gives the context in which these events of Jesus life take place. At this time, for example, Jesus was teaching at Pella, and this was after the resurrection of Lazarus; the chief priests and the Pharisees were finalizing their charges against Jesus, and planning his demise. Here were their charges against Jesus:

169:0.4 1. He is a friend of publicans and sinners; he receives the ungodly and even eats with them.

2. He is a blasphemer; he talks about God as being his Father and thinks he is equal with God.

3. He is a lawbreaker. He heals disease on the Sabbath and in many other ways flouts the sacred law of Israel.

4. He is in league with devils. He works wonders and does seeming miracles by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils.

Meanwhile, Jesus is teaching, preaching, influencing, and enlarging the Kingdom.

Click to read The Parable of the Lost Son

And speaking of the Kingdom, in the very next paper we read a full exploration of the kingdom of Heaven, including Jesus' concepts of the Kingdom, which you will find very enlightening.

The parable of the Lost Son is as relevant today as it was in Jesus' time. Do you know someone who's fallen on hard times? Are you a parent whose child is "wayward?" Knowing this story, and being willing to retell it - or live it - in real-life situations may be of great help to someone in need some day.

Let's hope that the movie will do justice to this wonderful, touching, inspiring parable that tells of God's undying love for his children.

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