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Was Jesus Politically Active?

This title really interested me; What If Jesus Had Become a Politician? by Shawn A. Akers. Not only is it an intriguing question, but I also remembered an event from Jesus' life where he actually had an opportunity to become involved in politics...see our blog below whee we discuss Jesus and politics.

But the main subject of the article is the great temptation of Jesus. The author's opening statement:

"It's a good thing Jesus was above reproach. Otherwise, He could have been seen as simply another politician who fell for Satan's empty promises and what the world has to offer.

"He is the perfect example for believers to follow when the seduction of sin taps us on the shoulder and the enticement of self-gratification presents itself."

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I didn't post too much of the article - I have to admit it was really the title of the piece that caught my attention, more than the content. The article is discussing the "temptation" of Jesus in the wilderness, and how he could have given in to the lures of Satan, but thankfully, didn't. It is a very traditional Christian perspective, but it does have some good points to it, so have a look!

But First: The "Great Temptation" in The Urantia Book

Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity to share the Urantia Book story of this amazing event. As Urantia Book readers know - and what anyone could know, if they were familiar with Part IV of the Urantia Book (The Life and Teachings of Jesus), is that the so-called temptation of Jesus on Mt Hermon had far more to do with a mere encounter on a mountaintop between the force of good and the force of evil, although it was certainly that as well...

This meeting took place BEFORE Jesus' baptism (contrary to the Bible story), when Jesus was nearing the end of a year of solitary travel prior to his preparations for being about the Father's work; and it was quite a momentous year for Jesus.

Just the year before, he had worked as a caravan conductor to the Caspian Sea; and following his return to the Persian city of Urmia, he gave a series of amazing lectures on politics that should be required reading for any aspiring statesperson! From The Urantia Book:

134:7.1 This is the year of Jesus' solitary wanderings through Palestine and Syria. Throughout this year of travel he was known by various names in different parts of the country: the carpenter of Nazareth, the boatbuilder of Capernaum, the scribe of Damascus, and the teacher of Alexandria.

And at the end of this trip, Jesus' Spirit within "led Jesus to forsake the dwelling places of men and betake himself up to Mount Hermon that he might finish his work of mastering his human mind and complete the task of effecting his full consecration to the remainder of his lifework on earth."

This momentous meeting with Satan on the mountaintop is full of revealed details that were known only to the celestials until The Urantia Book. It is a thrilling and informative and inspiring story of Jesus' settling of the Lucifer rebellion and his regaining of unquestioned sovereignty of the universe from the rebels

Click to read about the Soujourn on Mount Hermon

17 Year-Old Jesus and the Political Arena

And as fascinating as that story is, what I really wanted to share with you is that bit of Urantia Book detail about Jesus early "unknown" years that I mentioned above - about Jesus and politics. Did you have any idea that Jesus had the opportunity to get politically involved when he was just 17 years-old? It's true...and when you read some of these parts of Jesus' life, it is easy to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same; political strife and politcal struggle has always been with us, and it is no different today.

127:2.6 Jesus, then scarcely seventeen years of age, was confronted with one of the most delicate and difficult situations of his early life. Patriotic issues, especially when complicated by tax-gathering foreign oppressors, are always difficult for spiritual leaders to relate themselves to, and it was doubly so in this case since the Jewish religion was involved in all this agitation against Rome.

He risked a lot of bad feeling between himself and several of his close family over his refusal to join the cause. But he ended up staying true to his responsibilities to his family and to his mission. But I suspect Jesus was formulating plenty of thoughts about politics; by the time he was 30 years-old, he certainly had some revolutionary ideas for the times; if you click on this link, you'll see what I mean. These lectures on politics that he gave years later at Urmia demonstrate that his mind was quite active regarding political realities, even though he himself was never actively engaged in that arena.

Click to read the story - Jesus in his 17th Year

For the best read of your life, check out The Life and Teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book. It's full of stories like this one - and they're all true!

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