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Was Jesus a Feminist?

Jesus — the first Feminist by Ron Wood

Would you characterize Jesus as a feminist? In the modern understanding of that word, he definitely would fit the bill, as he was - and is - a champion of women; he emancipated women of his day from mere bystanders to dynamic teachers and ministers of the good news!

This very good article in the current press explores this issue with wit, reason, and humility. Here's a short excerpt, and see our blog below:

"I started out exploring how apostles impact cities but the Lord instructed me about women. It was a setup! My religious tradition I held as dogma was now grappling with my revised theology. Was what I saw in the Bible true? Were my old beliefs wrong? Have male church leaders repressed women, made them feel second-class? Have we unnecessarily kept valuable, anointed, capable Daughters of the King on the bench?

"It's important that we empower, train, authorize, and deploy women whom God is calling into His ministry. Why? Because God is pouring out the Holy Spirit on the whole church- including the women! In this experience it seems like the Holy Spirit deliberately seeks out women to bless them with gifts for service. God's anointed women are incredibly necessary in the church today."

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So, what does The Urantia Book say about women? More importantly, what does Jesus in The Urantia Book say?

Where do I start? Here are three illustrative passages from The Urantia Book that describe Jesus' attitude towards women:

138:8.11 The apostles were at first shocked by, but early became accustomed to, Jesus' treatment of women; he made it very clear to them that women were to be accorded equal rights with men in the kingdom.
149:2.8 The most astonishing and the most revolutionary feature of Michael's mission on earth was his attitude toward women. In a day and generation when a man was not supposed to salute even his own wife in a public place, Jesus dared to take women along as teachers of the gospel in connection with his third tour of Galilee. And he had the consummate courage to do this in the face of the rabbinic teaching which declared that it was "better that the words of the law should be burned than delivered to women."
In one generation Jesus lifted women out of the disrespectful oblivion and the slavish drudgery of the ages. And it is the one shameful thing about the religion that presumed to take Jesus' name that it lacked the moral courage to follow this noble example in its subsequent attitude toward women.

The Womens' Corps - Jesus Includes Women in His Ministry

Before the launch of the Third Preaching Tour, Jesus startled everyone:

150:1.1 Of all the daring things which Jesus did in connection with his earth career, the most amazing was his sudden announcement on the evening of January 16: "On the morrow we will set apart ten women for the ministering work of the kingdom."
It was most astounding in that day, when women were not even allowed on the main floor of the synagogue (being confined to the women's gallery), to behold them being recognized as authorized teachers of the new gospel of the kingdom. The charge which Jesus gave these ten women as he set them apart for gospel teaching and ministry was the emancipation proclamation which set free all women and for all time; no more was man to look upon woman as his spiritual inferior. This was a decided shock to even the twelve apostles. Notwithstanding they had many times heard the Master say that "in the kingdom of heaven there is neither rich nor poor, free nor bond, male nor female, all are equally the sons and daughters of God," they were literally stunned when he proposed formally to commission these ten women as religious teachers and even to permit their traveling about with them. The whole country was stirred up by this proceeding, the enemies of Jesus making great capital out of this move, but everywhere the women believers in the good news stood stanchly behind their chosen sisters and voiced no uncertain approval of this tardy acknowledgment of woman's place in religious work.

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There's More...

The Women's Corps is probably the biggest outward evidence of Jesus' attitude towards women, but there are others. We've put together a study which contains many more instances of Jesus' friendly disposition towards women - all women. From his early years when he first witnessed the discrimination that women received at the temples of worship down to his final breaths on earth, Jesus was fellowshipped and loved by women and he loved them in return.

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And, please click to read Urantia Book teachings about Gender Equality

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