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The True Childhood of Jesus

Here's an article in the popular press about Jesus as a baby called Was Jesus a Holy Terror? by Candida Moss; it might be amusing to those of you who read The Urantia Book. It was kind of amusing to me, because the article makes baby Jesus - and the later childhood of Jesus - out to be truly a "holy terror." It's amusing on one level, but on a higher level...what a shame! Fortunately, these writings have never received any really serious consideration, but still, it is pitiful that anyone could have written - and might believe such awful things about Jesus.

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I guess that back in the early centuries after Jesus' death, the world was hungry for more information about him...there was common knowledge about the miracles that he performed, and so, it appears that someone named "Thomas the Israelite" penned an accounting that ascribes all sorts of miraculous happenings to the child Jesus; and not merely miraculous, but spiteful and nasty happenings, the world's biggest brat with supernatural powers! There's speculation that it just may have been a effort to discredit the popularity of Christianity, and indeed, it seems to be just that.

Even now, in this 21st century after Jesus bestowal, his life is still a hot topic. Hundreds of books have bee made - scores of movies - thousands of articles on the internet. And still, the world-at-large has not come to notice The Urantia Book, and its superb narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus.

For anyone who is unaware, the real, accurate, and complete story of the life of Jesus is contained in Part IV of The Urantia Book.

At TruthBook, we've culled all the great stories from Jesus' life and arranged them chronologicaly.

Click to read the true stories of Jesus' life from age 3 to age 13.

You won't find anything mean, anything spiteful, anything ungracious - even in the very young years of Jesus'life. He was raised as the eldest of nine children, and learned early-on how to be a good son to his parents, and a good sibling to his brothers and sisters.

It is a fascinating study, and contains the distinct "ring of truth" that will resonate with any who are searching for a bigger, truer picture of Jesus

2:0.2 The most enlightening and spiritually edifying of all revelations of the divine nature is to be found in the comprehension of the religious life of Jesus of Nazareth, both before and after his attainment of full consciousness of divinity.

Jesus WAS the revelation of God to mortals - to all of humanity, both here and on the worlds of a whole universe. Seeing how he grew form the infant of Bethlehem, to an adolescent rich in grace and knowledge is a beautiful thing to behold and grasp. Even as a young child, we see Jesus as he truly was...loving, lovable, kind, teachable, and above all, a person dedicated to God and the business of the Kingdom.

If you're looking for sensationalism, you won't find it here...but you will find that knowledge which the authors of The Urantia Book tells us is of greatest value - "the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it."

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