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To Your Health: What are you most grateful for?

It's traditional during the month of November in our culture to consider what it is that makes us feel grateful. And there are several themes that tend to come to mind for many of us.

We typically are thankful for our families, health, economic well being, political freedom, careers and friendships. Few of us would argue that any of these things should be taken for granted or are of little value.

There are those among us, however, who place something else even higher on their lists of blessings than even these important things. That "something else" is really not a thing or object or even something that can be adequately named or described using language. Instead, this "something else" is actually an experience - an ongoing and daily experience of deep peace, contentment, serenity, joy and love which comes from a dimension deep within.

A good example, in my view, of persons whose lives have been grasped and held by this deep place within themselves is that of alcoholics recovering in the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics in AA seek, as they put it, "conscious contact with God," as each recovering person understands God, and finds in this connection the completion, wholeness and fullness of life for which they'd always sought so desperately.

But these spiritual gifts are not restricted to alcoholics and others who've suffered from various addictions. Indeed, spiritual connection, originating and coming up from the Source deep within us, can happen in anyone at any time. And those who search for such connection show, by their very search for it, that it has already happened in them. One has, in other words, no real or lasting interest in spirituality unless that interest itself has first been given by the Deep Self (or Source) within. And once connection with the Deep Self is thus provided, it is never withdrawn. Instead, one becomes more and more conscious of it and direct experience of the connection grows in strength and intensity.

If what is said here in some ways feels like your own experience, then you, too, have been grasped, through no conscious decision of your own, by the Deep Self within. Because this experience puts you out of step with the world and its ways, values, and priorities, you may feel lonely and sad, at times. Perhaps you feel that even your most beloved friends and family don't really understand. This sense of alienation is normal, understandable and probably inevitable. You are on the path which spiritually-oriented psychiatrist Scot Peck once called "the road less traveled."


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This "Deep Self" is better known to Urantia Book readers as the Thought Adjuster. See Truthbook's topical study on this amazing gift of God to Mankind HERE

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