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Those Missing Years of Jesus

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The missing years of Jesus life continue to be a mystery to people. This Q+A: Early life of Jesus by Father Kenneth Doyle between a reader and a Catholic priest reflect the inability of Scripture - or anyone else to understand those times of Jesus' life ... at least up until the appearance of The Urantia Book, that is. Our blog is below, but here's the question, and a partial snip from the priest's answer; he does get some of his assumptions correct (according to UB teachings), but we want to shout: Read the Urantia Book!

"Q. This may be more of a history question, but could you address the life of Jesus from birth until he was 30? Did he have a normal childhood? Did he always live at home until his public ministry began? How many people knew who he was throughout those earlier years?

"A. In answer to your question, I would say that Jesus did have a "normal childhood." Luke says simply that "Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man" (2:52). Jesus would have spoken Aramaic (the common language of Palestine at the time) and probably some Greek (learned largely from regular pilgrimages with his family to the then-Hellenized city of Jerusalem).

"He would have been educated in the Scriptures by Mary and Joseph, as well as at the synagogue in Nazareth -- although he evidently had no formal training in the higher rabbinic schools of his day. Remember how the Jews had voiced their surprise that the "carpenter's son" could have spoken so knowledgeably at the Feast of Tabernacles? "How does he know Scripture without having studied?" (Jn 7:15)."

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Of all the wonders contained in PART IV of The Urantia Book, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, none are more compelling than the narration of the "missing years" of the Master's life. His infancy, childhood, adolescence, youth and young manhood are covered extensively, the information supplied by the spiritual eyewitnesses present during all of his life.

This is not so much a blog, as it is an invitation to explore the revelations of Jesus' life found in The Urantia Book. The stories of Jesus include much more than even these missing years of childhood, though. ALL of the missing years are supplied, including his 2-year tour of the Mediterranean regions in the company of an Indian merchant and his son. Also, we discover his activities in the year between his baptism and the public ministry, during which Jesus selected and trained his apostles. And much, much more...

There are wonderful surprises copntained in Part IV of The Urantia many will you find?

Here is the main link to TruthBook's Illustrated Great Jesus Stories. This collection contains over 100 stories from Jesus' life - some familar, but many will be new to you. We have gleaned these stories from the text and put them together in one easy-to-read format with illustrations. Follow any link there to reveal the stories of that time in Jesus' life.

And these are just the stories; Part IV of The Urantia Book contains much, much more, including revelator commentary, which will be of great interest and inspiration to any seeking to know and understand Jesus better.

The narrative of Jesus life and teachings has been given to us as a gift; the authors call it a "re-statement" of Jesus' life. It fills in all the gaps in the Master's life, provides detail, color, insight, and context to each event, and gives the reader a far superior view of Jesus and his life than can ever be gotten through Scripture alone.

Here is the main link to access all of Part IV.

The revelators of The Urantia Book tell us that knowing the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it is the most valuable knowledge any of us can have. Read Part IV of The Urantia Book and find out why...!

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