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Unplugging and Recharging

There is always enough time for spiritual practice in a life if we'll make time for it. Yes, spiritual practice requires time -- not always a lot, but some to be sure. Of all the things I know that will affect your health for the better, spiritual practice is the one that works consistently well and to good effect.

I recently saw a client in my home office. She, like so many of us, spent a lot of time telling me that she doesn't have time to do spiritual work. She works full time. She's got a husband and a daughter, friends, three ongoing lawsuits, the usual goings-on of a busy life.

I listened and then countered with, "How can you not do spiritual work with all that going on?!"

There are two major kinds of time in life. They are kairos, or holy time and chronos, or clock time. Chronos runs our lives. It's what allows us to be on time, in time, timely. Soccer practice is five days a week at four. Drum lessons are on Tuesdays at five. Karate is on Saturday mornings. Despite the fact that it is a strictly human construct -- real time isn't linear -- we need chronos in order to make and fulfill our agreements.

Co-existent with chronos is kairos -- holy time, eternal time, the present moment, only the present moment. Now. It does well for our health when we make a commitment to touching into holy time over and over again during each daily round of activity.

Holy time is about Being. Clock time is about doing.

We were fashioned as human beings, not human doings. Spiritual practice is the easiest way I know to stay in touch with eternal time. Consider it checking in with Heaven whilst on Earth. Or, being in the world but not of it. In the beginning of a practice, everything is new and can feel effortful. No worries -- it will get easier, uh, with time.

Truly, the busier you are, the more prayertime you need. Have you ever thought of your life that way? That the more you do, the more guidance you need? The more people you know, the more blessing you need to be doing? The more you hurry, the more you need the slowing of everyday time into holy time?


Please click on "external source" to access the complete article, including the author's easy suggestions for establishing "holy time" throughout your day.

From The Urantia Book:

"Jesus was never in a hurry. He had time to comfort his fellow men 'as he passed by.' " 171:7.5

" behooves the Master's followers in all ages to learn to minister as 'they pass by'—to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties." 171:7.10

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