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The temptations of Jesus: Bread, power and security

The story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness draws us into some of the most elusive, yet crucial, wisdom of the Gospel message. Matthew and Luke both lay out three temptations, though in slightly different order. Each temptation foreshadows, and contrasts with, something that Jesus will actually do later in the larger Gospel story.

The temptation to turn stones to bread, i.e. to do a food miracle in the desert, foreshadows the feedings of the multitudes in the desert. The temptation to be king over all the Earth foreshadows Jesus’ entry as king into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The temptation to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple only to be saved by angels foreshadows his death on a cross, from which he is not saved by angels (in Matthew, Jesus specifically rejects that option), but rather rises from the dead.

The difference between what Jesus is tempted to do and what Jesus actually does reveals to us the deep wisdom of the Gospel. In each instance we learn something about how the Gospel calls us to use power, or perhaps what kind of power the Gospel calls us to.

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This wonderful article turns the Biblical story of the Temptations of Jesus into a great lesson on practical ways that we Christians can respond to these same temptations as Jesus did, and better the world...

In The Urantia Book, we are given essentially the same story, but with a different set of details...instead of Jesus having been tempted by any of these things, he used that time on the mountain to formulate his great decisions regarding these matters. And far from being an actual threat to Jesus, it was more a time of sorrow for him to have to chastise and banish the devil, who was once a beloved son of light. However, according to The Urantia Book, that meeting took place some time before, and you can read about it HERE

The Urantia Book builds on the last revelation of truth to our earth, and that was the incarnation of Jesus, as narrated in the New Testament. This amazing story of the making of the decisions which would guide and inform the rest of Jesus' life, while new and revelatory material, still maintains the essential story, but illuminates further what actually happened that day.

Read all about Jesus' Great Decisions HERE

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