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The Sciences of Sacred Scriptures

The vast majority of religious believers hold on to scriptures as sacred, as profound revelations, as precious guides to the mysteries of life and death. Believers believe that their stories are true -- for instance, that Moses was a real person who led the Hebrews out of slavery and received the Torah directly from God on Mount Sinai or that there really was a Prince Siddhartha Gautama who searched for and found enlightenment in the sixth century B.C.E. Moreover, they believe that contained in these ancient stories is information vital to contemporary humans.

I hope to convince you in this series that sacred scriptures are profound, but not true. At least they are not true in the way that science and history are true. I hope to further convince you that the whole of contemporary science, what we call here Big History, can be read as a kind of revelation. Today, we can encounter God anew from the bottom-up, working from science to the sacred.

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This is a most interesting article, and worth reading.

One thing that caught my attention was the writer's statement about the scarcity of information about both Moses and Buddha. Again, The Urantia Book fills in the gaps. See MOSES and BUDDHISM for fresh information on these giants of religious history.

And, as for the "sacredness" of Scripture, please see what Jesus had to say about this subject - important even in his day, as it is in our modern times...

Link to External Source Article

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