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The Science of Religion

Science and religion are two sides of the same coin. They both exist to help us make sense of a confusing and complicated world. As the balance of power has shifted in the last hundreds of years, vicious culture wars have been waged over the correct and moral way to perceive and interpret the environment we live in.

It is not, however, a fact that science and religion must be at odds with one another. Human rational thought is not antithetical to belief in a higher power, and faith does not necessarily infringe upon science. Whatever the cause of the conflict, be it scriptural literalism, radical rationality, or simple sectarian questions of power and influence, a conflict between science and religion seems to be a fact of life for the time being. A serious syncretic movement would be a great thing; the two have a great deal to learn from one another.

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Also, please see Urantia Book teachings about the important connections between religion and science HERE

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