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Jesus Movie will Focus on the Lost Years of Christ

On the site The One is described as "a coming of-age story" that will explore Jesus' early life and developmental years as he comes to learn He is the Son of God.

The movie is set to shed light on the period of Jesus' life that is not written about in detail in The Bible, ages 13 to age 30, when he began his ministry. The only information that is recorded about that time period in Jesus' life is discussed in Luke 2, which states that Jesus "grew, and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him."

According to Deadline, The One is expected to stay true to the spirit of Jesus' image as chronicled in The Bible.

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People are getting excited about this new Jesus movie. We here at TruthBook are ready to see it, too. But, of course, it's a given that this artistic effort will be missing a lot. Why? As much as we would love to embrace this effort, we are aware that no one on the planet knows the true story of Jesus' "missing years" if they are unaware of the revelation of Jesus' life and teachings in The Urantia Book. I only wish that some creative movie-maker would discover the treasures of Part IV of the revelation.


Now, THAT would be a movie to get really excited about!!!


In the meantime, we applaud any effort that lifts Jesus up for all to see. Even if it is an imagined scenario of the time in Jesus' life that is in question, he is being lifted up; people are talking about him. If you explore the internet these days, Jesus is one of the hottest topics out there, so we feel it's all to the good. We think that the world is hungrier for Jesus in 2014 than it's ever been, and we are doing our best (short of making a mainstream film) to keep the Master's name and the truth of his life lifted up for all those who search for him.

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