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The Humanity of Jesus

Here's a great question! What Is the Significance of Jesus Being Fully Man? by Patrick Mabilog. Before The Urantia Book, it may have been difficult to really grasp the significance of Jesus' incarnation as a man of the realm - a human being in every respect - while also retaining his complete divinity. In this article, the author posits three implications of this amazing phenomenon. See our blog below, where we explore this question using Urantia Book teachings...but first here are some snippets from the article. I added the full statement to #3:

"Jesus was not a demigod—half-man, half-God. He was fully man in every way. But at the same time He existed as one of the facets of the Trinity as He walked this earth.

"It's hard to understand the implications of Jesus being human, but it's important for us.

"Here are three implications of Jesus being man that significantly affect how we live today.

"1. He Lived the Way We Should Live

"2. He Overcame What We Can Overcome

"3. He Identifies With Our Suffering

"Because Jesus was flesh on earth, He experienced everything we experience and we still have to experience.

"He knew what it was like to be sick, to be hungry, to be tired and even to die. With that Jesus empathises with our pain and suffering. He knows what it's like to go through the things we go through. He understands because He went through the same things that we go through now. More importantly, He has found and given a way for us to overcome and offers it freely if we put our faith in Him."

Click to read the entire article


In #3 above, I have added the author's conclusions about this important implication of Jesus' becoming fully human because they closely parallel Urantia Book teachings through which we learn much more about this all-important reason for the Creator to live - and die - as one of his creatures.

What The Urantia Book teaches

The person that we know as Jesus is the creator of the universe in which we live. Our universe is called "Nebadon." Jesus is a Creator Son of God, and is known in the universe as Michael of Nebadon, an esteemed title.

Long, long before Jesus incarnated on earth as the babe of Bethlehem, he embarked on a "bestowal adventure" in which he assumed the likeness of all seven orders of created beings in the universe - beings created by the Creator who live and thrive in the universe of his making. These bestowals began just as our world was taking on its present form, about one billion years ago. The purpose of these bestowals is experience. From Paper 119 in The Urantia Book:

The attribute of bestowal is inherent in the Paradise Sons of the Universal Father.
The purpose of these creature incarnations is to enable such Creators to become wise, sympathetic, just, and understanding sovereigns. These divine Sons are innately just, but they become understandingly merciful as a result of these successive bestowal experiences; they are naturally merciful, but these experiences make them merciful in new and additional ways. These bestowals are the last steps in their education and training for the sublime tasks of ruling the local universes in divine righteousness and by just judgment.
The Michael Sons begin their work of universe organization with a full and just sympathy for the various orders of beings whom they have created. They have vast stores of mercy for all these differing creatures, even pity for those who err and flounder in the selfish mire of their own production. But such endowments of justice and righteousness will not suffice in the estimate of the Ancients of Days. These triune rulers of the superuniverses will never certify a Creator Son as Universe Sovereign until he has really acquired the viewpoint of his own creatures by actual experience in the environment of their existence and as these very creatures themselves. In this way such Sons become intelligent and understanding rulers; they come to know the various groups over which they rule and exercise universe authority. By living experience they possess themselves of practical mercy, fair judgment, and the patience born of experiential creature existence.
The local universe of Nebadon is now ruled by a Creator Son who has completed his service of bestowal; he reigns in just and merciful supremacy over all the vast realms of his evolving and perfecting universe. Michael of Nebadon is the 611,121st bestowal of the Eternal Son upon the universes of time and space, and he began the organization of your local universe about four hundred billion years ago. Michael made ready for his first bestowal adventure about the time Urantia was taking on its present form, one billion years ago. His bestowals have occurred about one hundred and fifty million years apart, the last taking place on Urantia nineteen hundred years ago.

There are seven orders of beings in our universe. About these seven orders in relation to Michael (Jesus), we read:

Urantia [earth] is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon, a Melchizedek minister to the realms, a system savior, an Adamic redeemer, a seraphic fellow, an associate of ascending spirits, a morontia progressor, a Son of Man in the likeness of mortal flesh, and the Planetary Prince of Urantia. And your record tells the truth when it says that this same Jesus has promised sometime to return to the world of his terminal bestowal, the World of the Cross.

Click to read about all of Jesus' bestowals

Isn't Jesus the only-begotten Son? The 2nd person of the Trinity?

The common belief that Jesus is "the only-begotten Son of God" is fully explored and explained in The Urantia Book. Far from being only one "only-begotten Son" who rules throughout the vast grand universe, God in his wisdom has ensured that each local universe (of which Nebadon is only one) will receive its own Son; and that Son IS, to us, the "only-begotten Son."

Following are some Urania Book teachings that will help us to distinguish the differences between "God the Son" (The Eternal Son) and the "only-begotten" Creator Sons of God

6:1.1 The Eternal Son is the original and only-begotten Son of God. He is God the Son, the Second Person of Deity and the associate creator of all things. As the Father is the First Great Source and Center, so the Eternal Son is the Second Great Source and Center.
21:0.1 The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son. But each Creator Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personality; each is the "only-begotten Son" of the perfect deity ideal of his origin.
21:1.1 When the fullness of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son encounters the fullness of absolute personality concept in the Universal Father, when such a creative union is finally and fully attained, when such absolute identity of spirit and such infinite oneness of personality concept occur, then, right then and there, without the loss of anything of personality or prerogative by either of the infinite Deities, there flashes into full-fledged being a new and original Creator Son, the only-begotten Son of the perfect ideal and the powerful idea whose union produces this new creator personality of power and perfection.
21:1.2 Each Creator Son is the only-begotten and only-begettable offspring of the perfect union of the original concepts of the two infinite and eternal and perfect minds of the ever-existent Creators of the universe of universes. There never can be another such Son because each Creator Son is the unqualified, finished, and final expression and embodiment of all of every phase of every feature of every possibility of every divine reality that could, throughout all eternity, ever be found in, expressed by, or evolved from, those divine creative potentials which united to bring this Michael Son into existence. Each Creator Son is the absolute of the united deity concepts which constitute his divine origin.

Click to read more about the origins of Creator Sons

What does it mean for us?

The teachings of The Urantia Book present a stunning view of cosmology - a breathtaking panorama of the vastness of God's material creation. And it is vast. Within the creation of God are seven superuniverses, and within each of these superuniverses there are nearly 700,000 local systems with approximately 10,000,000 inhabitable worlds each. Nebadon - our local system - is just one of these local universes - the creation and the domain of Michael (Jesus).

Learning about the existence of so many systems and so many local universes, it makes sense to think that God would distribute himself through many different Sons who carry the truths of the Universal Father throughout his far-flung universe of universes.

And there is in place this amazing plan of bestowal, whereby each Creator Son becomes Sovereign of his creation through learning about and actually experiencing the lives of all of his creations. For us, this makes the bestowal of Christ Michael here as Jesus of Nazareth the most thrilling and even daring adventure of all. We have been the recipients of a bestowal of a Creator Son of God; a Creator Son whose mission it was to reveal to our creature eyes "he who is invisible." Because of his determination and devotion, we now possess the most understanding, the kindest, and the most compassionate ruler we could ever have.

21:4.5 It is of record that the divine Son of last appearance on your planet was a Paradise Creator Son who had completed six phases of his bestowal career; consequently, when he gave up the conscious grasp of the incarnated life on Urantia, he could, and did, truly say, "It is finished"— it was literally finished. His death on Urantia completed his bestowal career; it was the last step in fulfilling the sacred oath of a Paradise Creator Son. And when this experience has been acquired, such Sons are supreme universe sovereigns; no longer do they rule as vicegerents of the Father but in their own right and name as "King of Kings and Lord of Lords." With certain stated exceptions these sevenfold bestowal Sons are unqualifiedly supreme in the universes of their abode. Concerning his local universe, "all power in heaven and on earth " was relegated to this triumphant and enthroned Master Son.

Read all about the seven bestowals of Michael here

You'll never read anything more thrilling or inspiring as the account of just how the bestowal of Michael on our world came about, and the preparations that were takern preliminary to his conception and birth as the babe of Bethlehem. It is a story that has been waiting for 2000+ years to be told to the world!

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Finally, read the matchless life and teachings of Jesus - this same Creator Son made man - HERE.

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