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Stick to spiritual basics; rewards are worth it

Did Jesus play golf?

I don’t think so, but an important spiritual metaphor came to mind a few years ago when I had lunch with a friend who was an avid and very successful golfer.

I asked her how things were coming along with her game and she said not so well. In fact, things had gotten so bad that she had enlisted the help of a professional coach to get her back on track.

Once he had a chance to assess her overall strengths and weaknesses, he detected that for years she had successfully squeaked by with an imperfect swing and that she had three choices: She could give up golf altogether, she could continue with her current swing, or she could go back to the basics and start over.

Giving up golf was not an option, so back to the basics she went. She said that it took humility, perseverance and a lot of practice — but that the rewards were worth it.

“Wow,” I thought. My friend’s experience is a great example of how to tackle limitations of all sorts, be they mental, emotional, or physical. Don’t give up, go back to the basics, practice, and expect to see improved results.

For me, the best “coach” I’ve ever had is Jesus Christ, whose incomparable healing ministry proves that sticking to spiritual basics is the most effective way to overcome life’s challenges. His ability to meet and defeat all sorts of obstacles provides a kind of “instruction manual” for us all to overcome similar obstacles today. These “instructions” include living a life of high morals, being compassionate, and nurturing one’s faith in a God who is always present, always loving, and all-powerful.


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And from The Urantia Book:

100:7.18 Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to co-ordinate human endeavors. He unifies life, ennobles character, and simplifies experience. He enters the human mind to elevate, transform, and transfigure it. It is literally true: "If any man has Christ Jesus within him, he is a new creature; old things are passing away; behold, all things are becoming new."

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