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Spirituality tradition in black churches

By Heather Kays/staff

January 8, 2010

STAUNTON — It was no surprise to Andrea Cornett-Scott that when the Barna Group did a study, it showed undeniable strength of faith and sense of community in black churches.

"The very core of African-American churches is rooted in the statement, 'I am because we are and since we are, therefore, I am complete," said Cornett-Scott, pastor at Christ Our Redeemer African Methodist Church in Staunton. "You cannot think of who you are as an individual without thinking about who you are as a community."

Throughout American history there has been a deep-rooted spirituality within the black population in the United States, according to the study. The Barna Group examined various religious beliefs and behaviors which showed that time has not changed the importance of faith in the lives of African-Americans. The study compared the religious beliefs and behaviors of the black population today and in comparison to 15 years ago, as well as in comparison to the United States as a whole.

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