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Spiritual journey ends with decision to leave the church

My experience with religion began as a young child when my granny took me to a revival meeting. She was the preacher that night, and for the first time, I heard about sin, guilt, heaven, hell and a forgiving Jesus. It was pretty frightening.

Although I grew up in the Bible Belt, my parents did not attend church and did not pressure me to attend. Aside from my grandmother’s sermon and a brief period of church attendance in my preteens, I had no connection with a church and had very little knowledge of the Bible.

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I thought this would be a particularly interesting article to read in these times when we hear so much about believers leaving traditional churches in increasing numbers. This is one woman's personal story, and is a good snapshot of all that's wrong with organized and tradition-bound religion.

Please see "The Future," a Urantia Book teaching about what an ideal kind of Christianity for the modern age might look like...well worth-reading!

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