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Achieving spiritual growth starts from the inside

by Dr. Jim Manganiello

Many people are searching for depth and meaning in their lives, for refuge from the too-often soul-less life at the surface of things. And so spirituality is of great interest today.

But these days, what passes for spiritual growth opportunities often lead nowhere. Much new-age spirituality, however well-intended, provokes energy and interest, but it doesn't deliver anything of lasting value. And belief-based faith in an organized religion can grant many benefits, but typically authentic spiritual growth is not among them. Spiritual growth requires the right knowledge and tools and the commitment to use them, along with the support to use them effectively.

Consider that the foundation of deep spirituality is insight. Spiritual insight flows from experiential knowledge, not from ordinary thinking and feeling. And experiential knowledge is rooted in deep awareness.

All great religions were sourced from revelations that flowed from this deep and profound awareness. But in time, those who lack a real grasp of the profound experiential knowledge that gave birth to a religion inevitably bring a religion down. They bring it down into an affair of power, control, dogma, belief and even down into their wicked offspring: murder and mayhem.

The profound dictum "Do Unto Others ..." is perhaps the single most important "spiritual call" we'll ever hear. But as the evidence shows all too clearly, no one can do it who lacks spiritual awareness and insight.

So how do we develop our capacity for deep awareness, for experiential knowledge? Again, we need the right knowledge and tools. All religions have a spiritual inner core that contains such knowledge and tools, but they are often buried and even hidden. And they don't come with an up-to-date, clearly written user's manual.

A good and inspiring article, written by a clinical psychologist, which is quite in line with our Urantian beliefs. Please click on "external source" for the rest of the article.

Link to External Source Article

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