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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can happen when one has climbed up the mountain of self-growth and has reached what Maslow calls "self-actualization," Carl Jung calls "individuation," and other psychologists call "a fully functioning human being" or "a complete self." This is an internal sense of transformation that happens, making the experience a personal and unique one to the individual. The purpose of this article is to focus on some of the symptoms that people experiencing this state of transformation report having. For further understanding of the relationship between biology and spirituality, there are a few links at the end of this article you can go to.

Listed below are signs of spiritual awakening reported by those who have experienced it. It is important to note that these symptoms will eventually fade away after one adjusts to this phase of transformation.

To see the list of symptoms, and to read the entire article, see "Link to External Source Article" below .


Having a "spiritual awakening" as described in this article is akin to the born-again experience that is discussed in many religions. It is also discussed in The Urantia Book, quite extensively...

103:2.1 Religion is functional in the human mind and has been realized in experience prior to its appearance in human consciousness. A child has been in existence about nine months before it experiences birth. But the "birth" of religion is not sudden; it is rather a gradual emergence. Nevertheless, sooner or later there is a "birth day." You do not enter the kingdom of heaven unless you have been "born again"—born of the spirit. Many spiritual births are accompanied by much anguish of spirit and marked psychological perturbations, as many physical births are characterized by a "stormy labor" and other abnormalities of "delivery." Other spiritual births are a natural and normal growth of the recognition of supreme values with an enhancement of spiritual experience, albeit no religious development occurs without conscious effort and positive and individual determinations. Religion is never a passive experience, a negative attitude. What is termed the "birth of religion" is not directly associated with so-called conversion experiences which usually characterize religious episodes occurring later in life as a result of mental conflict, emotional repression, and temperamental upheavals.

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