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Self talk: Deleting and re-recording

Our hearts and minds are like spiritual recording devices. They are constantly recording and storing messages into our data bank. We are born hungry for truth and our spirits are very receptive. As children, we are sponges, soaking up the world around us and believing the words of the people we know and trust. Then comes the outside voices, stimuli, and feedback that may or may not be truth, positive, or healthy.

I want to share a reading that I happened up on, it speaks loudly about how our thoughts can and will affect our ultimate outcome.

"A Native American elder walks slowly down the path. The leaves of the trees and the soft breeze protect him from the heat of the noonday sun. In his worn, calloused hand is the small, soft hand of his young grandson. The two walk in silence. After a time the grandfather interrupts the silence. "Grandson," he begins, "there are two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is angry, vengeful, jealous and violent. The other wolf is peaceful, loving, compassionate and joyful." The boy looks up at his grandfather and asks, "Which wolf will win the battle of your heart?" The wise elder replies: "The one I feed."

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further.


Here is an inspiring passage from The Urantia Book that will top off this article quite nicely...

102:6.7 Belief may not be able to resist doubt and withstand fear, but faith is always triumphant over doubting, for faith is both positive and living. The positive always has the advantage over the negative, truth over error, experience over theory, spiritual realities over the isolated facts of time and space. The convincing evidence of this spiritual certainty consists in the social fruits of the spirit which such believers, faithers, yield as a result of this genuine spiritual experience

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