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Scholars Speak: A declining church in a spiritual culture

While the unaffiliated avoid the institutional church, they are not devoid of spirituality or opposed to thinking about God. They just do this in different ways, thus providing opportunities for church leaders to imagine new means for engaging the culture.

Here are a few suggestions to churches for serving those outside their doors. First, focus on building relationships and stop treating people as targets in a marketing scheme. Postmoderns are quickly offended by a sales job. Second, show the relevance of Scripture to social problems such as global poverty, human trafficking and fair trade. Altruism and justice are engaging issues for those outside traditional church structures. Third, work to reconnect the creation and the Creator. Churches have long ignored environmental issues, something that postmoderns highly value. Finally, create events that are intergenerational and multicultural. An emerging generation is suspicious of the flagrant homogeneity found in most churches.

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This article is offering suggestion for the church to attract more congregants, and it appears that the author correctly identifies much of the problem, but his premise is that the church has been trying to attract those who are not looking for a spiritual experience. It seems to me that people are simply not looking for a spiritual experience in the confines of a traditional church setting, but within their own hearts and souls...if a church could offer something different and more appealing, maybe it would attract those kinds of people...

From The Urantia Book:

103:5.12 There is great hope for any church that worships the living God, validates the brotherhood of man, and dares to remove all creedal pressure from its members.

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