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Faith Insight: Revelation tells us about Jesus

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants — things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John” (Revelation 1:1).

We are living in a time of massive change. It seems almost impossible now, particularly for the younger generation, but 30 years ago we had no personal computers, no cellphones, no DVD or BluRay players, no smartphones and no Internet. These few items have changed our lives as much as all the inventions from the dawn of time until 1980.

The era when the biblical author wrote the book of Revelation also witnessed a significant change in technology. The turn of the first Christian century witnessed a transition from scrolls to the codex style of book making. A scroll consisted of a single long sheet of paper, made from animal skins or papyrus reeds, rolled up on a stick. Constructing a codex involved gluing or sticking many pieces of paper together at one end, much like the books you have had in your hands.

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This article discusses the Bible, the Book of Revelation, technology, and how technology affects revelation. And this should be of great interest to Urantia Book readers, in that all previous revelations of God to mankind have been in the form of personages: Caligastia, Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, and Jesus; The Urantia Book is an epochal revelation on an equal par with these previous four revelations, but in the form of a book.

It was not until about 600 years ago that the printing press was invented; and it is only in the past 50 years or so that the miracle of the internet began to make its presence known as a disseminator of information to the world. I feel sure that the revelators well knew of this coming development when The Urantia Book was given to our world, back in the early days of the twentieth century.

What scrolls and papyrus were in Biblical times, the internet is to us in our modern age.; And, what the Book of Revelation was to its times, The Urantia Book is to our times.

The revelation of The Urantia Book is a modern-day example of God's continuing communication with us. In it, we learn:

92:3.5 Only two influences can modify and uplift the dogmas of natural religion: the pressure of the slowly advancing mores and the periodic illumination of epochal revelation. And it is not strange that progress was slow; in ancient days, to be progressive or inventive meant to be killed as a sorcerer...Evolutionary belief in ghosts laid the foundation for a philosophy of revealed religion which will eventually destroy the superstition of its origin.

101:2.12 Revelation as an epochal phenomenon is periodic; as a personal human experience it is continuous.

103:0.2   As natural religious experience continues to progress, periodic revelations of truth punctuate the otherwise slow-moving course of planetary evolution.

As helpful as the Bible has been - as inspired as those books may be - one can't help but realize that the world is in sore need of new ways to apply spiritual principles to modern problems; expecting that the Bible is God's last word to us mortals can only hold the world back.

When we realize that God has never stopped trying to talk to us through periodic revelations, and DOES talk to each of us continuously in our "personal human experience,"  it becomes more and more reasonable to look into this revelation that is The Urantia Book .

In this revelation, all the gaps in our knowledge are filled in - knowledge about the universe, its composition and its purpose and what all those blazing stars and galaxies are for - knowledge about the earth's history and its formation and destiny - knowledge about the evolution of life on earth and the purposes of evolution - and knowledge about Jesus, who he was, why he came here, and where he is now. And that's only a partial list of the information we can find in The Urantia Book .

Revelation in the Bible, and revelation in The Urantia Book...

Even though presented over 2000 years apart from each other, each has the potential to inspire, but The Urantia Book has the additional potential to EXPLAIN the Book of Revelation and put it into correct context. And it carries us through and forward to an even greater revelation of God's goodness and love to his children on earth. 

The title of this article: "Revelation tells us about Jesus," was the first thing that caught my eye, though. I was of course, thinking about the revelation of Jesus found in The Urantia Book; of course, the author of the article is speaking about the Book of Revelation found in the Bible.

The Urantia Book has several references to this very important book of the Bible, including its authorship and its content. I hope you find these passages interesting and informative:

139:4.14 When in temporary exile on Patmos, John wrote the Book of Revelation, which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form. This Book of Revelation contains the surviving fragments of a great revelation, large portions of which were lost, other portions of which were removed, subsequent to John’s writing. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form.

45:4.1 At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory council, the four and twenty counselors. John the Revelator called them the four and twenty elders: “And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment.” The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania. This judgment seat has always been on Jerusem, but the twenty-four surrounding seats were placed in position no more than nineteen hundred years ago, soon after Christ Michael was elevated to the full sovereignty of Nebadon. These four and twenty counselors are his personal agents on Jerusem, and they have authority to represent the Master Son in all matters concerning the roll calls of Satania and in many other phases of the scheme of mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. They are the designated agents for executing the special requests of Gabriel and the unusual mandates of Michael.

47:10.2 John the Revelator saw a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals from the seventh mansion world to their first heaven, the glories of Jerusem. He recorded: “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death.” (Perfected space communication is to be had on all these worlds; and your anywhere reception of such communications is made possible by carrying the “harp of God,” a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications.)

It is wonderful to know - not only more about John's authorship, but also what it actually is that he was seeing in his visions. This is the gift of revelation...

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