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Religious Values in the Market Economy

As the political leaders of Europe meet to save the Euro and European Union, so should religious leaders. That is why I have come to Rome, to discuss our shared concerns at the Gregorian University and with His Holiness the Pope.

The idea sounds absurd. What has religion to do with economics, or spirituality with financial institutions? The answer is that the market economy has religious roots. It emerged in a Europe saturated with Judeo-Christian values.

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Maybe not such an absurd idea after all...So - what do economics and religious values have to do with each other?

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From The Urantia Book:

Religion is the exclusively spiritual experience of the evolving immortal soul of the God-knowing man, but moral power and spiritual energy are mighty forces which may be utilized in dealing with difficult social situations and in solving intricate economic problems. These moral and spiritual endowments make all levels of human living richer and more meaningful. ~ The Urantia Book, (156:5.10)

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