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The Real Story of Jesus as a Child

Movie asks: What was Jesus Like as a Child? by Drew Zahn

This caught my attention, as it probably would any Urantia Book reader! It's a good thing that Hollywood is entertaining this kind of question about Jesus and his life, but as Urantia Book readers know, it will be ultimately unsatisfying, as it is simple speculation unless informed by revelation. See our blog below, but first, here's a short excerpt from the article:

""The Young Messiah" begins its speculative story when Jesus is seven, living with his parents, Joseph and Mary, in exile in Egypt, which roughly follows the biblical account."

"The bulk of the film, however, is a positive, affirming tale: entertaining, suspenseful, funny at times. It takes us on a quest in which we can easily relate to this boy Jesus, who wonders aloud to God why the Almighty made Him human at all? And even if fully human and fully God, what was the purpose of making the Messiah a child? Why not just incarnate Him as an adult? As the boy seeks to understand these existential questions, the audience is led to ask them of themselves as well."

Click to read the whole article/movie review


This will be a fairly short blog; what can be said? It's a good development that a movie based on the childhood of Jesus is in the works, but how frustrating to know that it will be purely a work of speculative fiction!

Frustrating, because in The Urantia Book, we have the true story of Jesus entire life, including his childhood - the true story as preserved by spiritual eyewitnesses who were actually there. Now THAT'S a movie I'd stand in line to see!

For a quick look at Urantia Book teachings about what Jesus was up to in these so-called "lost years," see THIS LINK

And while we're giving a plug to this secularly-made film about Jesus, we'd also like to direct your attention to a beautiful film made using The Urantia Book teachings about Jesus. If you would like to know MUCH more about Jesus' public ministry and the masterful way he executed it, please see "Re-Imagining Jesus, a stunning full-length feature film produced by David Kantor, a long-time Urantia Book student/scholar. David traveled the world to make this beautiful film, following Urantia Book teachings from Jesus' life and using footage from numerous places over which the Master walked and worked. This film will show you a side of Jesus you may never have suspected, and can certainly deepen your appreciation of him, and the work he did while he was here.

Don't have a lot of time? Have a look at Jesus' timeline HERE

Jesus Entire Life - the Rest of the Story!

It might be fun to see what the fertile imagination of Ms Rice has come up with, but if you really want to know ALL about the childhood of Jesus, as well as the rest of his life, look no further than this link:

The Life and Teachings of Jesus - PART IV of the Urantia Book.

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